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‘She’s 85 and can out-dance me’: the joyfulnes of the age-gap friendship

Modern life reaches it hard for old-time and young to meet, let alone become best friend. Whats the secret? 'It's natural in the Caribbean...

Treasury honcho Steven Mnuchin asked for a government plane for his honeymoon

The treasury department is investigating the secretarys request for a $25,000 -per-hour US air force plane to operate him and his wife, Louise Linton,...

So You Conceive You Affection Earth? Wait Until You Insure It in VR

In an ideal future, trips beyond the atmosphere are easy( ish) and cheap( ish ). Human will regularly steal the dour attachments of Earth,...

We were at the altar- were his parents about to jilt us?

Rebecca Thornton didnt realise there might be a problem when she fell in love with a mortal from a traditional Jewish lineage. Until they...

All 44 startups that launched at Y Combinator S1 6 Demo Day 1

Farm drones, autonomous security guards and next-generation tampons were among the products presented under todays Y Combinator startup accelerator Summer 2016 Demo Day...

24 Breathtaking Destination Weddings Pics That Will Leave You In Awe

After ogling through these photos, you’ll want to renew your passport and croak explore some of these breathtaking places ASAP. Wedding planning website...