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Beware the ‘horrible hangover’ from patriotism, EU leader Frans Timmermans forewarns

Frans Timmermans reads EU can endure Brexit and populism because young people are instinctively EuropeanThe EU needs to speak to peoples hopes and a...

Royal marry: Meghan Markle’s father will step her down the alley

Kensington Palace likewise announces brides mother will accompany her in the car to the ceremony on 19 MayMeghan Markle's father will move her down...

How Long Have Alexis Bledel& Vincent Kartheiser Been Married? The Pair Is Proceeding Strong

Celebrity couple points notify! Biding together for any sizable duration of day when you're far-famed is stiff, but here's one couple that I think...

All The Photos Worth Find From The Royal Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle -- now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex -- are officially husband and wife! The royal and former...

CNN/ ORC Poll: At 100 daytimes, Trump approval rating presents no mansion of proliferation

WASHINGTON( CNN) As the 100 -day mark of Donald Trump's presidency approaches, a new CNN/ ORC poll obtains the President contacts this milestone...

Rexit! What Rex Tillerson’s rumored retirement discovers about Donald Trump

( CNN) Rex Tillerson may not be long for the State Department, according to brand-new reporting from CNN.The White House -- for what it's...