While the “fuckboy” label has only just existed for the past time or so, fuckboy action goes back centuries. Like, did Romeo actually need to come into Juliet’s life and set fire to all of her most important relationships just so we are able to get married just so they could legally bone? Probs not. We here at Betches have explored many mixtures of fuckboy who may have contributed to your subconcious desire to try and to be amended.( Fuckboys cannot be changed. They is simply evolve into Fuckmen, run for President, and inexplicably prevail in spite of running against a much more qualified dame. This is called the “cycle of fuck” and it is currently devastating America. But that’s neither here nor there .) The worst of these are the Disney fuckboys, who weaseled their method into your intelligence at a very young and suggestible age to teach you that it is totally fine and not at all suspcious for a humankind you’ve just matched is to say he loves you and caress you while you’re sleeping. Like, if any of these busters were transported into modern era, they’d never have time to marry a princess because they’d be too busy texting “U UP? ” to anything with a pulse. While mostly every male Disney character displays fuckboyish tendancies, the following 10 bros are the most responsible for the fact that you deter dating dudes who reckon Justin Bieber is an acceptable role model.

1. Gaston

Gaston is such a fuckboy that it candidly feels like a cop-out to include him on the index. Like, he’s virtually the TTH of has become a douchebag, so much better so that I don’t want to corroborate his efforts by including him on the directory. Gaston is one of those dudes who ever proceeds around bragging about how shitty he is to women, as if that’s a sign of anything other than the facts of the case that he’s overcompensating for his micropenis. He exclusively craves Belle because she’s hot and doesn’t want him, but you know he’s still texting all three of the blonde boob sisters on the side for validation. Gaston is literally every Tinder buster who called you a bitch when you are didn’t respond to him for five minutes, and he hasn’t happily read a book since that pickup artist manual.

2. The Genie

The Genie has all the marks of a traditional fuckboy: 1) he’s always shirtless, 2) he pretends like he can do anything, but when move was necessary to shove he can’t really do shit 3) he plays all merriment and glad but he’s really deep happy with the route his life is going. The Genie is all flash and no activity. Like, sure he’s fun to hang out with, but at the end of the day he can’t obligate beings fall in love or deliver beings back from the dead, and he’ll absolutely soul you as soon as some other chick come over here and chafe his lamp the right way. Also, you can basically never go with him back to his neighbourhood because it’s tiny and sucks ass.

3. Prince Eric

Prince Eric is so much of a fuckboy that when he encounters a red-hot mute daughter naked on the beach, he starts dating her , no questions asked. Dude clearly only has one priority when it comes to meeting a member of the opposite copulation, and it’s not hearing her thoughts and sentiments. Eric is a Prince, which intends he’s rich and probably has not got a lot of parties tell him “no” or “please don’t bring random homeless women who can’t speak into the castle” often in his life. Dude has no business governing a country, let alone being a father, which is exactly why in King Eric dips as soon as shit gets rough. Like, you seriously can’t even be riled to help your bride find your daughter who is missing in the ocean? You’re actually just gonna been demonstrated at the end to crusade Ursula’s sister like you’ve been helping the whole time? Total fuckboy move.

^ This looks like the smile of a fuckboy who’s scheming his latest acces to clamped the status of women over. Just saying.

4. Prince Ali

Aladdin is cool, but Prince Ali is a fucking scour. You know, and I know, and especially Princess Jasmine knows, that any dude who wheels up seeming this gaudy for a first time is perhaps poverty-stricken AF in real life. He simply borrowed that elephant and robes from his homie who has a real place, and as soon as you dedicate, he’ll be getting back to stealing from street vendors and sleeping in an abandoned structure. And like, sure, he has a smoke go, but this buster is shady and a storyteller. You know Prince Ali’s online dating profile shaves like, 5-10 years off his age and says that he’s an “entrepreneur.” Stay away.

5. Flynn Rider

Flynn Rider is the type of fuckboy that actually took the whole “he’s mean to you because he likes you” thing from elementary school waaaaayyy too seriously. Like, dude patently had a boner for Rapunzel the moment he saw her, but he pretends to be all annoyed by her attendance, as if he wouldn’t totally lose his shit if she travelled off on an adventure with some other buster. He’s likewise extremely into illegal works, meaning that dating him comes with an 80% fortune of having to spend your whole paycheck on bailing him out of prison once a few months. Yeah, he’s red-hot, but is his hotness importance used to identify that he’s been running a drug cartel out of your living room when you’re at work? Def not.

6. Lumiere

Lumiere is the most DTF character in any Disney movie–potentially any — point. Any instant when Lumiere isn’t rendering The Beast the simplest advice about how to hook up with Belle( Pass her buds! Be friendly! Give her devour !), he is low-key sexually attacking the plumage duster. Like, I get that they’re both French and the plumage duster appears to be down, but “its also” at work. It’s not appropriate. Frankly, if their whole very existence didn’t depend on her fallen in love with The Beast, I’m somewhat certain that Lumiere would have tried to slide up into Belle’s DMs. You can see it in his eyes during “Be Our Guest”. The entire age he’s believe, “If this chick didn’t have to fall in love with my boss in order to be allowed to get a functioning penis again, I would wholly affect that.”

7. Prince Charming

Prince Charming is a complete idiot. You invested all damn darknes dancing with Cinderella, and you’re gonna tell me you need a SHOE to figure out who she is? Why don’t you just have every woman in the realm verse you a picture of their fucking FACE? Like, yeah Cinderella was all dressed up and shit for the ball but you should still be able to recognize her FACE. Like, is the consequence here that if the shoe had fit one of the pace sisters, he would have just marriage her, despite the fact that she examines and sounds good-for-nothing like the status of women “hes spent” all night dancing with? Prince Charming is clearly one of those dudes who just sees all women as a walking vagina. He questions no questions, and compensates 0 attention to anything the status of women says in his existence, which is why he couldn’t just approach these women individually and ask them literally any detail about the night they wasted together to confirm their identity.

8. Hans

Good Lord, where do I even start? Hans is one of the most dangerous varieties of fuckboy: the fuckboy who knows what he is doing. Most fuckboys do bad things because they did too many whippits in early high school and scarcity the psyche ability to understand their actions, but Hans is fucking smart. He knew exactly what he was doing by targeting Anna, clearly the stupider and the more desperate of the two sisters. Hans may have shown up to Arendelle to see if he could smacked it with the new ruler, but he took one look at Elsa’s “independent woman” vibe and knew there was no way he’d be able to get up to all his usual bullshit if she was his girlfriend. That’s why he chose Anna–a girl fucking stupid she didn’t even realize that her older sister, aka the only friend she’s ever had in their own lives, has supernatural sparkler supremacies. Hans is the youngest of 13, means that he has a serious inferiority complex that you know he’s going to get creating with him to any possible affair. Dude is perfectly shady–possibly a sociopath–and will probably be trying to marry young, gullible daughters well into his 50 s.

9. The Beast

Wow. A plenty of personas on here but, then again, is a reasonably troubling cinema. The Beast’s idea of “dating” implies catching the status of women in his home, expecting her to dinner, and then screaming “IF SHE DOESN’T EAT WITH ME SHE’LL STARVE” when she says no. He’s utterly the type of guy who flip-flop out when you say that you want to use a condom, and blows your telephone up with angry words when you give him the courtesy of saying you’re not feeling it after he pays for your dinner, but exclusively after he makes a 20 -minute production about it, on one date.

10. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is the OG Disney fuckboy masquerading as a nice guy. First off, he and Minnie have been dating for over 88 years, and yet they’ve never had a public wedding ceremony. And sure, Walt Disney says they’re married “in their private life, ” but why not publicly? Seems like Mickey is trying to maintain a single epitome, in case some other hot young mousette comes along. That’s why he never wears his marry ring. He’s obstructing all his alternatives open. Eventually, Minnie will get wise to this strategy and leave him, simply to render some years later with a Harvard Law student who says that he and Minnie had a case law wedlock, which heretofore entitles her to equitable divide of resources and that Minnie is conceded full canine property rights and is taking Pluto, dumbass.

Honorable Mention: Walt Disney

Walt Disney was less of a “fuckboy” and more of a “racist lunatic who refused to hire girls, ” but it was his twisted brain that gave us all of the Disney referred tie-in/ psychological/ body confidence issues that besets us to this day. IDK if “props” are neceassirly in order here, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least realise his considerable contributions to fuckboy culture.