Few things are as ruffling for brides and grooms-to-be as clients who forget to RSVP . Is it really that difficult to check a duet containers and introduce a self-addressed envelope in the mail?

One way to encourage clients to send those uniting reply posters back ASAP is by making them enjoyable and memorable. Below, 12 clever theories that’ll get clients hyped about the wed.

1 Free booze? Say no more.

Katie Kerr and Chris Sabino

2 And if you plan to get really drunk, a admonish would be nice.

PapelLindo/ Etsy

3 Mad Libs for the young at heart.

LittleMissMrs/ Etsy

4 Bonus details for a cheeky pole script.

Art Photographic

5 The excitement-o-meter is a nice touch.

Emily Marsh

6 Be there or be square.

The Budget Savvy Bride

7 So in> So lame.


8 Hightail it to the dance floor when the DJ plays your song.

UnknownDiscoveries/ Etsy

9 Honesty is the best policy.

BowAndBell/ Etsy

10 And your exuberance is most appreciated.

SarahElizabethArts/ Etsy

11 Don’t forget your party pants.

SmittenPaperCo/ Etsy

12 You better have a damn good excuse.


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