Netflix has been gushing out standup specials from some big names, with large-hearted price tags fixed. But there are a lot of specials that deserve some cherish and attention that you might have overlooked. Here are part of the underrated Netflix comedy specials that you should watch now.

12 funny Netflix comedy specials you haven’t seen yet

1) Maria Bamford:


Old Baby is a special only Maria Bamford could induce. It’s segmented into standup establishes in front room and bookstores, on sidewalks, and in front of her husband, creator Scott Marvel Cassidy. With no traditional stage, Bamford is able to fold her natural surroundings into the placeds. She discusses manufacturing it in Hollywood and the struggle of true love and following next to a fluffy tree, which she eventually secreted behind. That incident segues into a front room, as Bamford recruits like it’s a sitcom. It’s two Marias, separated ostensibly by one wall. Audra Schroeder

2) Reggie Watts: Spatial


Watts’ standup is normally area existential exploration, place beat-making, but in this special, we even get a surreal performance that they are able to see you never just wanted to cohabit again. Watts swaps rivers often but always keep the feeling absurd. “This is an experimental show,” he statements.” You might not even see this on Netflix .” As of this writing, though, you can–and should–stream Spatial, because it’s one of the most fascinating Netflix comedy specials available. — A.S.

3) Katt Williams:


In Katt Williams’ Great America, “it’s fucked up” is his mantra, and the committee is also describes America’s state of affairs. But this is nothing new to Williams. As a 20 -year veteran of standup, his numbers have become synonymous with a viciously honest Black perspective. It’s tragic hitherto humorous. — Adam Weightman



Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy is part tour demonstrate, component tragicomic variety show. Over just four occurrences, Charles–who wrote for Seinfeld and steered occurrences of Curb Your Enthusiasm and the movies Borat and Bruno–packs in quite a bit of content. He claims in the first escapade that he’s” traveled through the comedy danger zone and lived to tell the fib ,” and the line is making an effort to figure out what makes them so in certain parts of the world giggle, and how people get their sense of humour. A.S.


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