The new time is in full swing and with it comes a new harvest of uniting trends.

According to The Knot’s annual wedding trends report, here’s what you’ll be seeing a lot of in 2016.

1. Two-in-One Dresses

When it comes to the dress, brides are always looking to get more slam for their horse. The convertible wedding dress does double-duty, taking you from liturgy classy to reception ready with exactly the attract of a zipper or thrust of a button.

Kurt Wilberding

2. Fashion-Forward Florals

Flowers aren’t just for centerpieces and bouquets. Now, fashion-forward brides are opting for decorated floral wedding gowns as well as 3-D bloom details — both popular trends hot off the marriage runways.

3. Wedding Concierge Pros

In 2016, it’s not uncommon for duos to outsource some or all of their wedding intend undertakings. Popular business includebridesmaids for hire, social media concierges and even a teach for your four-legged doughnut bearer.

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4. Satellite Bars

Sometimes one table exactly isn’t enough! Brides and grooms are setting up secondary “satellite” saloons at the reception that facet a special concoction, feel or wine-colored tasting.

Ashley Seawall Photography

5. Contemporary Choirs

Take the big date amusement up a notch with a choir act. The ensemble can serenade clients during the ceremony or astonish everyone with an a cappella form of your favorite song at the receipt.

Dana Cubbage Weddings

6. Late-Night Karaoke

For duos who want to keep the party departing, karaoke is exactly what to keep clients entertained well into the darknes.

7. Sweet Endings

The conventional wedding patty is get an ascent in 2016 thanks to a growing trend: video projection mapping. And good word for those of us with a sweet tooth: mini popsicles and donut presentations are also gaining notoriety.

Jaye Kogut Photography

8. Wow-Worthy Websites

Wedding websites are a dime a dozen in the digital age. But today’s duos are moving the extra mile by hiring a entanglement decorator to create a beautiful, customized place.

9. Total Personalization

Now more than ever, brides and grooms are exploiting the big date to display their unique smells and interests — whether it’s by serving Grandma’s special patty for dessert, requesting a dear friend to officiate the opening ceremony or embellishing the tables with centerpieces inspired by their favorite movie.

Meaghan Elliott Photography

10. 3-D Printing

The popularity of 3-D printing has stirred its way into the world of weddings. Thinking how you can get on board? Cake toppers and uniting strips are a good region to start.

11. Food-Inspired Floral Elements

Fruits and veggies aren’t just for dinner. Now, duos are exploiting produce to spruce up centerpieces and bouquets in an unpredictable way.

James Christianson Photographer

12. Stylish Grooms

The bride isn’t the only doing a mid-wedding wardrobe change these days. In 2016, some fashion-forward grooms are changing cases for the receipt, or renewing up their big date gaze with a different kowtow secure or pocket square.

Ashley Goodwin Photography

13. Locally Sourced Food

Today’s wedding menu get way beyond the conventional chicken and beef. More duos are making a point to serve clients high-quality, local grub. Consider grass-fed beef or wild-caught salmon with a side of veggies from a local farm.

Damian Hamilton Photographer

14. Metallic Palettes

Go for the gold! And silver very. There are innumerable ways to incorporate metallics into the big date, whether it’s foil accents on your invitations, sparkly uniting shoes or gilded trinkets for the tablescape.

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