As a single girl, I often wonderwhat wedded life would be like.

I dont have to wonder extremely much, though, since I get an inside look at matrimony all the time: my oldersisterismarried with two beautiful children. But thats not all.

Seriously, this daughter is Superwoman andtotal #womangoals combined. She has a full-time job she cherishes and lives in a gorgeoushome witha handsome spouse who loves and supports her and even changes diapers( I necessary a gentleman like that ).

My sister is seven years older than me, which moves her almost like a second mama to me.

That being said, I can still talk to her about all those acts sisters are supposed to talk about( you are familiar with, when I dont find I can talk to my mommy .)

The day she got married, I choked back rips as I dida speaking ofa song called I Carry Your Heart. I was afraid Id lose her tomarriage, and I knew thoughts would change for us.

And happens did change for the best. In point, watching my sisterfind love really made me feel like the same is possible forme, and everyone else.

As the newborn of the family, I look up to her in more spaces than one. Her wedding has learnt me a occasion or two about all types of adoration 😛 TAGEND

Love is a choice as much as its a feeling.

My fellow hopeless romantics, lets get one thing straight-from-the-shoulder: Falling in love should be a decision attained with the heart.

But when it comes to staying in love, you have to use your president a little bit.

That honeymoonfeeling will vanishandsettle into a allay, compiled various kinds of passion. When it does, you have two selects: You canrun and continue to look for that honeymoon experience with someone else.

Or, you can accept the natural trend of affection and stay with the person who still gives people butterflies, just not in the same way.

True ardour is unconditional. Its choosing tostick by someones back through sleepless nights with a screaming child upstairs and amother-in-law moving in with you for six months because her house is being renovated.

Love isnt always easy, but its worth it.

Being a momma, despite its predicaments, is incredibly rewarding.

Ive been there when my sister wanted to cry because she was so devastated with mommy duties.

I remember, the working day, when her son was leaving for his first day of school, he didnt want to leave her( because thats how much he adores hismom ).

It was the saddest concept Ive ever seen, butit was also the sweetest. It prepared me recognize all those tough instants during wifehood and motherhood are worth it in the end.

Having a kid even redefinedher relationship with her husband in best available room possible. Having children, it is about to change, can bring two people even closer, despite some situations where we hearthey can drive couplesapart.

Butbeing an aunt or an uncle is rewarding in its own way.

Before my sister had teenagers, I was unsure of whether I wanted to be a mommy, myself.

Now, I know I want to be a mom someday. For now, though, Im just elated to be an aunt.

Getting a sneak peek into mom life without actually having to be the momma is an awesome concept.( No changing diapers for me just playing with the little rascal !)

As an aunt, I take the kids off my sister and brother-in-laws sides when they just miss a few quiet instants to themselves because any married couple with boys requires those instants to be sane.

And I enjoy every single minute.


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