Planning a wed? Mazel! Prepare to blow through your life savings and then some. This most joyous daylight of their own lives( allegedly) is going to cost you and your proposed( and/ or your parents) quite a pretty penny, precisely by nature of what the uniting manufacture is. Now, I’m not here to do the whole” why spend a down payment on a house for a party ?” song and dance. It’s your coin, expend it how you crave, whether that be on a lavish wed, a sick honeymoon, or a down payment on your daydream home. That being said, I’m sure we’d all like to spend less on our bridals without looking totally cheap and tacky–and that’s completely possible! If you’re interested in saving a few cases horses here there are still, though, knowing what you can totally skimp on is helpful. Like, do you really need fresh wildflowers in the showers to liven up the infinite? Short answer , no. Here are a few thoughts you can add to the list of splurge vs. save when your large-scale daylight daddies up.


By the time dessert rollers around, everyone is going to be either really drunk, really passed out, or truly dancing to impress capacity hookups. Please, for the adoration of God, do not drop thousands of dollars on a patty unless you really, genuinely need it. First off, a lot of wedding cakes feeling, well, awful. Secondly, people like brownies and cookies more; plus, they make for better handheld meat while doing the Cotton-Eyed Joe. Opt for a tea-size cake so you and centres can cut and smash-up it into each other’s faces( photo-ops, fam ). But a six-tiered fondant and buttercream vanilla monstrosity? Pass.

Champagne Toasts

I don’t even know how many hundreds if not thousands of buckaroos we squandered on this at my wedding. Holding up a glass of champagne and toasting the brand-new couple is kind of tradition, but why not just ask guests to raise whatever they’re sucking instead of a$ 5 per glass flute of Dom Perignon? If you have a large venue, people will more than likely miss the toast, forget to pick up a glass, chug eight by themselves later (* slowly elevates side *), or just forget about the whole thing altogether, which leaves the occurrence staff to dump all that bubbly right down the drain. Moment of silence.

Fancy Linens

When you go and sit down with either your bridal planner or incident party at your bridal venue, they’re likely going to ask you about linens. When we say linens, it is everything from table runners to cloths to tablecloths. Pro tip: do not spend a sh* tload of coin on these. Napkins will end up on the flooring, in the garbage, and covered in dehydrated food. The same applies for tablecloths and athletes. Clearly, you need these events, but don’t feel like you need to splurge on it. If you have a very specific color, fine. Opportunities are, they have a cheaper version of it. Oh, and this doesn’t mean throw burlap everywhere. That’s tacky.

Flowers For The Venue

Hear me out on this one–you clearly need heydays for corsages, the recognise where you’re actually tying the bow, and on a table here there are still at your venue. What you don’t need are heydays and bouquets on every concoction counter and piece of furniture throughout the entire day. Flowers are probably one of the most expensive parts you’ll have for your big, special day, so choose them wisely and don’t go crazy with them. Sh* t, go to Michael’s and Trader Joe’s and get some dried and mixed them in with the real ones, opt for candles and lights, or should be considered other decor that’ll fill the room. But don’t feel like you need buds f* cking everywhere.

Your Shoes

Alright, listen, and try not to@ me on Twitter–the shoes you wear for your wed are definitely important. They should be stylish, fit your temperament, and they should be comfortable. They do not need to cost $3,000. Unless you’re sporting a tea-length dress( which, ew ), you really don’t need to go dances to the wall on crazy expensive paws incumbents because, well , no one is going to see them. That doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to wear cowboy boots or sneakers, tho. Keep it classy.

Images: Nathan Dumlao, Brina Blum, Annie Gray, Tamara Menzi/ Unsplash; Giphy( 1)


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