God& Man

1 . What do you think is the most important exercise you can learn a child?

2 . What’s one lesson your parents taught you as small children that you believe has influenced who you are today?

3 . Who do you feel played the biggest character in shaping the person you are today?

4 . What’s one memorable lesson that person learn you?

5 . Would you do something that wasn’t’ earmarked’ or’ consented’ if it was something you rightfully believed in?

6 . What’s more important to you, telling the truth or little lies to construct others happy?

7 . Whose happiness is more important, your loved ones’ or your own?

8 . What are the things in your life that manufacture you happy?

9 . What are the things in your life that construct you unhappy?

10 . Which do you agree with: When you desire person, tell them when you feel it, or wait for them to say it first?

11 . Are you a naturally resentful party?

12 . What kinds of things do you apprehensive in a relationship?

13 . What constitutes cheating, or unfaithfulness?

14 . If you ever chiselled would you keep it to yourself, or confess?

15 . Do you conceive yourself an affectionate being?

16 . In what direction do you show affection?

17 . What space do you like others to demo affection towards you?

18 . Do you like to travel?

19 . Where’s your favorite residence to pas?

20 . What “wouldve been” your reverie honeymoon if you ever have one?

21 . Is marriage something you want to happen in your lifetime?

22 . If so, what kind of marriage time you imagine yourself having?

23 . What’s the number 1 most important quality you look for in a significant other?

24 . What’s the number 1 most important tone you try to embrace for yourself?

25 . What’s one thing you would never stand in a relationship?

26 . Do you contemplate yourself messy or neat?

27 . What is the one’ around the house’ work you detest the most?

28 . What’s your favorite dinner, breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

29 . What’s one meat you could ingest everyday for the rest of your life if you had to?

30 . Are you a dessert party?

31 . What’s your favorite thing to chew for breakfast?

32 . Would you say you’re always early, late, or generally on time?

33 . Are you a morning or night person?

34 . Do you enjoy cuddling or fiercely hate it?

35 . If your job asked you to move across the world, would you do it?

36 . What’s your reverie undertaking/ job?

37 . What’s more important to you in terms of your career, salary or delight?

38 . Can you imagine yourself as a mother?

39 . Do you want to be a parent one day?

40 . If so, when do you think you’ll be ready to be one?

41 . Would you ever adopt small children?

42 . Are you live animals person?

43 . How many animals is your model number of pets to own?

44 . Are you a puppy or cat party? Bunnies? Small-minded rodents? Lizards?

45 . What’s your favorite exotic swine?

46 . If you had to choose, which would you preferably know, the working day you’re going to die, or the cause of death?

47 . Are you a spiritual being?

48 . Do you believe in God?

49 . Why or why don’t you believe in God?

50 . If you could live forever would you?


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