These floors from Ask Reddit will reach you think twice before marrying someone.

1. The spouse had an unsolicited outburst at their own families dinner:” I KNOW YOU GUYS KNOW I DO METH! AND YOU NEED TO BACK OFF ABOUT IT !” Wife didn’t know. Her father didn’t know. Nobody knew.

2. Next doorway neighbor got married. Less than two months later she moved out, said he was abusive and a wino. A couple of weeks later he shot and killed their neighbor through the front doorway after an escalating conflict involving the neighbor’s bird-dog get film with a bow and arrow.

3. I went to a wedding where the bride went drunk and the bridegroom picked up her telephone and imagine that she was sexting a coworker during the entire wedding … He told the officiant to not register the paperwork. Great reception though.

4. I know two pairs who got married for the sole purpose of having sexuality together. Both matrimonies lasted a year combined.

5. A relative of excavation was forced into a shotgun wedding. The bride had a stillbirth, so they got divorced a month later.

6. I cultivate as a salesclerk at a Family Courthouse. Bride fucked the DJ. At the reception. New record for the role pool.

7. I “ve got a friend” who proposed to his girlfriend like a few weeks after he caught her “feel like i m cheating on” him. He thought it would bring them closer and fix the relations between the two countries. Needless to say, he drove by his house on lunch months later and determined her coworker’s truck in the driveway. She’s get dicked down in his house and he just drives right by. They are currently getting divorced after barely a year of marriage.

8. Three weeks. City girl moved to the country and hated it. She moved back to the city and hasn’t left it.

9. Had a little bit of a tip off when we didn’t see the bride at the receipt. She was next door in the carriage house restroom sobbing. She had just found out, on her marry day, that her groom had once been engaged to one of her bridesmaids. The groom was NOT cheating on her, but only never got around to telling her that he and one of their” mutual acquaintances” had once been an item. The bridegroom spent the reception at the bar, the restaurant staff dished the meal but there was no patty tailor, bridal dancing etc…

10. One of my friends from college filed for divorce ten months after her marry. They were never really a good parallel and everyone could see it. Honestly? I envisage she just wanted to have a bridal and has become a “princess for a day.” Once she recognise she actually had to keep the guy, she started having second thoughts.

11. My cousin was married and then three months later he had a psyche aneurism and subsisted. His new wife divorced him soon after saying she wasn’t prepared for that. He’s now married to someone much nicer and twenty times more attractive.

12. Relative of quarry got married and divorced 6 months later. Turns out “theyve never” earnestly discussed whether or not they missed offsprings prior to starting getting married. One adamantly craved children and the other didn’t and it drove them apart. They were together for 3 or four years before getting married and somehow never figured this out.

13. My uncle had married someone 3 months after dating them. He had 2 dachshunds and 2 felines. She required that he got rid of the dogs and got two brand-new ones of her alternative. They divorced in two weeks

14. About thirty minutes.

Bride told the groom in the run-up to the wedding,” Do NOT smash the patty in my face. Do NOT .”

His friends all got on him about has become a pussy and picturing her” Who’s really in charge of this marriage …”

I was at the bridal, he crushed the cake in her face, she walked out of the reception and had it annulled.

15. When I was in the Army I knew a soldier who fucked the stripper at his bachelor-at-arms defendant in front of his pals, got married the next days, the wife found out eventually that night and the issue is divorced within a month.

16. 4 eras. Acquaintances of quarry had been together for 15 yrs. They seemed to have a normal health tie-in, including ups and downs, but good-for-nothing to indicate they were close to breaking up. As many of you will know, a long term rapport can change initial greed and excitement with mundane era to epoch existence and petrol station buds for Valentine’s( maybe not) and I suspect they felt getting married would be a move start for their aged relationship.

We went to the wedding on Friday, everyone was really happy, then early the next week they overturned it and broke up. They were very matter of fact about it and neither party were destroyed — to be fair, I think everyone else was more hurt.

17. My cousin’s wed, her ex-husband gathered a Ross and said the wrong name during his commits. They did get married, but divorced less than a few weeks afterward after she found out he was cheating on her.

18. Friend get so fucked up at his wedding he stood up on the bunk in the middle of the nighttime and urinate on his new wife.

Separated weeks later , no thought how search it required in order to get out of the marriage.

19. One of my family members actually. Didn’t even last 6 months.

In my perspective they were fated from the beginning, the bride is exceedingly disadvantaged and high-pitched maintenance while the partner is very cold and unemotional.

After the bride got some greater attention from other guy’s after losing some weight she realized that some servicemen are willing to make an effort for her disadvantaged high maintenance soul, so … she jumped ship.

There was a plethora of other issues within that marriage and I imagine both sides will be better off divide, but still the length of a Hollywood weeding ain’t always good.

20. I think it was about three weeks? They only knew each other for a couple months and it was a disaster from the get get, but the final straw was when she went out without telling him and won a rivalry at a barroom. It was a” who can get the most pendants from people” type thing and she triumphed by showing everyone in the bar her tit. She came home at like 1am, told him about it, and he divorced her.

21. My husband’s aunt’s wedding lasted about a year and a half.

I’m honestly surprised it lasted that long — she cheated on him multiple times before they were even married, including with her first cousin. Her category told him about it and her dad actually took him aside the day before the wedding and told him not to go through with it, but he did anyway.

And crazily enough, she’s the one who left him. I figure he likes the concept of a accolade bride, because she’s about 20 years his junior. Poor guy is still hung up on her.

22. The bride had been fucking the best man and the bridegroom found out the day after the wedding. She intention up going pregnant by the best man and they got married a few months after the whole ordeal…

23. 6 months. 3 months from dating to involved, the three months from married( sealed in the temple) to divorced.

What justification it? She found soft core porn on his iPad and said that was as good as cheating.

….they were Mormons.

24. Divorced my husband after 2 month. My younger brother( now 8 y/ o) was taken by Children’s Aid and my ex-husband wouldn’t let the kid come live with us. I was taken by them as “childrens and” relived the trauma when he was apprehended and ex didn’t charge. Huge red flag.

Younger brother now lives with me and my current boyfriend after being taken by CAS a few seconds time

25. My male cousin couldn’t territory a full-time learning occupation out of college so “hes to” substitute for a while. Aims up while college daughters didn’t give him a second look, those cougars educating second point thought he was hot stuff.

Anyways, he moistened his mouth one too many times and when his wife found out about all his trysts, that was the end of the marriage.

26. Cousin got married and divorced within three weeks. He was the two sides person and she intent up deciding the union to get back at her cop boyfriend was a mistake. They’d been dating for a few years before getting married.

27. I filed for divorce 6 months after I got married. We had been together for 2 years before we even tied the knot.

He decided since we were married and lived together that date-nights were no longer necessary since he saw me every day. So he would invest all weekend, every weekend, with his friends.

I was also ill when we firstly got together, and underweight because of it. I put on a bit heavines and was healthy- he told me he wasn’t as lured now that I had gained load. I was 145 lbs at 5′ 7 “. -_-

I noped the fuck out of there. I try to think back and recollect any red flag, but he absolutely was transformed into a different person after I was legally bound to him.

28. I knew a duo who had been on-again-off-again for years. They broke up several times during their participation, yet still became forwards with the marry. Once they said their I dos, she suddenly seemed to think that she should be completely in control of his life, and started constituting asks about which friends he was allowed to spend time with, and accusing it of cheating if he spoke to one particular friend.

They registered for divorce about two months after the wedding, and she moved in with a lover she had been assuring on the side for a few months.

29. Me and my ex wife. 7 months of total duration married before the divorce newspapers were signed by the judge.

Turned out “shes been” “feel like i m cheating on” me the whole engagement and its first year and a half of such relationships before that. I just happened to luck into finding out because she said she was staying the nighttime with her sister but her sister announced me to talk to her. Turns out she was staying the darknes at a son toy’s.

30. Best soul at my marriage was driving to his honeymoon with his new bride when she told him,” I don’t think I require kids .” This was after being together for years and claiming that she did miss kids. Then as they attracted into a gas station she told him,” I don’t think I want to be married .”

He almost left her at the gas station.

After they got back from their honeymoon, she would stay out until 4 AM just about every night. No announces or texts, precisely wasn’t coming home until very late.

They were divorced within six months of the wedding.

My wedding was not too long after his divorce was finalise. I told him very clearly that he was allowed to give a meander Mosby-esque speech about how adore was fucked. He dedicated a very nice, funny lecture instead.

31. A month. A close lineage pal got married in August. They had been dating for four years and employed for a year and a half. She found out in September that he was active on dating apps and she found out because he had tried to hit up her coworker( who of course immediately told her) on an app. I was even in the wed and had no idea he was up to anything.

32. My friend married a dude after knowing him for three months and began to divorce him 3 months later.

She had baby rabies and married a person who had kids because she had considered that symbolized he would want more. He was okay with more kids, but he was a bit of a deadbeat. He didn’t want to see his kids and never tried to make time for them and fought against compensating support for them because he was supposed to have shared detention … but never took the kids. My pal realise “theyre not” a person to have a baby with and left him. She found a great guy almost immediately and they’ve been together for over a year, she’s not rushing now.

33. Got married immediately after graduating college. She had a job and he refused to even try to find one and exactly sat around at home all day playing video games and surfing the internet. Divorced within 6 months.

34. College friend got married to a girl he had dated for about one and a half years. They got divorced 90 weeks later, she was chiselling the entire age the issue is dating and married.

35. My lover of on and off for 6 years started “feel like i m cheating on” me with this girlfriend in Texas( we lived in California ). We broke up due to the cheating, a month or so subsequently the girl moved in with him.

They got married on my birthday.

Divorced 2 months later because they were both abusive to eachother and she was cheating on him with his best friend.

Sometimes Karma is all so real.

36. My pal cheated on his wife AT THEIR WEDDING. She found out approximately half an hour after doing the paperwork and separation was immediate.

37. Good acquaintance of quarry got married. On their honeymoon husband tells her he requirement seat and isn’t sure what he craves. Then he tells her he’s leaving her for her best friend, who he’s having an circumstance with. My friend is now blissfully joyous and thriving and he’s still a piece of garbage.

38. Worked at a wedding venue and the bride told the bridegroom who was from Arkansas that there was to be no summon of the pigs during the marriage speech.
Groomsman continues to do it regardless, and the bride was furious and went into the back with the marriage defendant. Dude slapped her and said this shit is getting annulled tomorrow. Honestly she might have not evaded the smacking, but she dodged a bullet.

39. My little sister got married to” the ardour of her life” at 17. two months later she ran away and filed for divorce bc her 22 time old-time spouse became an abusive drink as soon as their wedlock permission was signed.

40. He started utilizing meth again after years of retrieval. They were married for less than a year. Kinda sad genuinely. He’s in rehab now.

41. How about the bride that pushed her new spouse off a cliff on day 8?

When parties discovered he wasn’t around she apprise the police. Then when they started sought for him and asking questions she transmitted an anonymous email from joe the plumber( from her parents computer) saying he is dead. Then when they still didn’t stop investigating she produced a examine and save defendant immediately to his mas. She said God passed her to the place. At the funeral she seemed relieved and guests discovered her say she was glad that the police didn’t have to be involved anymore. Eventually she made up a legend about it being an accident. Lastly she professes to everything.

They hadn’t even accomplished the marriage.

42. Couple marries because she is pregnant, wants the baby in wedlock. Divorce( cancelled I visualize, actually) when child was born the wrong emblazon three months later.

43. They got married in the October, she left him just after Christmas the same year. She was bored.

I don’t know what he expected truly, she’d chiselled on him when they were engaged extremely and he’d forgiven her.

44. My wife’s family’s neighbor’s daughter got married and shed a huge wedding epoch bash like squander 50 -7 0 grand. Then not even two weeks later got divorced. “Shes had” been “feel like i m cheating on” her husband throughout the engagement but still missed her’ special day’. I sounded later on that she had asked her momma if she had to live with her husband after they got married.

45. A relative of mine had a wedding last less than 3 weeks. They had been together for a couple times and even went to premarital advise at their religion for a few months to get ready. Their wed was super lavish and it was clear a lot of prep and fund is entered into it. At their bridal they announced they were expecting their first brat. Everything seemed enormous. Unfortunately the whole thing blew up when the wife discovered he had been cheating on her for nearly their entire affair with multiple females. She found this out while in a foreign country on their honeymoon, four months pregnant. I know from her momma that she had complications in her maternity that they attribute to the stress of all of this.

46 . My pal married this woman after years of dating. They were together about 6 months, then on their first Christmas, he got her a existing and she got him nothing. Eventually that night she left their house and didn’t come back until the next morning.

Apparently she had made an account on some dating place on Christmas, met a guy, and slept with him that night. She came clean the next day, but that was the end of their 6 month marriage.

47. Years and decades ago, my uncle’s girlfriend schemed a bridal and invited everyone and didn’t tell him until the week of. I don’t know the whole story of the reasons why she did it but he went through with it and calmly got it anulled and is broken with her.

48. My cousin and her first spouse got divorced after a few months because one of them lived in Houston and the other in Dallas and they never genuinely agreed how they were going to deal with that.

I’m sure there were other things too, but that was the official story.

49. Not sure how long it took the divorce to actually happen, but I went to a wed where the bride didn’t go home with the bridegroom subsequentlies. There wasn’t any cheating, she precisely decided she didn’t want to be a military spouse. They were together before he enrolled, so I thoughts one of the purposes of it was that she wasn’t ready to move away from her family. It just sucked that she waited until the working day to tell anyone.

50. Some pals, who had been dating for a few months, got married in Las Vegas as kind of a drunken joke. The daughter found out she would lose a lot of her trust fund because of being married. A gaggle of four lawyers were moved in and got a very quick retroactive annulment. Union lasted 4 daylights, except legally it was declared to have never existed at all. They dated for 3 more years then broke up.


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