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7 Insane( But Weirdly Believable) Theories About The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac Killer is Ted Cruz. Just kidding. But really, who is the Zodiac Killer? The Zodiac Killer is an infamous gunman who took allegedly committed several assassinations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Zodiac Killer famously razzed the police and the public by moving letters to newspaperswith fantastically accurate and gruesome details, demanding that they publish his characters on the front sheet, or he would perpetrate more assassinates. Despite DNA evidence, the identity of the Zodiac Killer has yet to be found.

Here are seven crazed( but weirdly plausible) assumptions about the Zodiac Killer .

1. The Zodiac Killer was not one person but two

This theory goes into the belief that there is still two individuals involved in Zodiac crimes: the killer and the letter writer. These two people could have been working together or on their own. Person like a San Francisco Bay police officer would have enough information to write the gruesome words that the Zodiac killer sent to newspapers. This Reddit thread goes into this theory further, where Reddit user CRXW presented their case.

“It seems to me that the letter writer could have not even known the murderer in the shootings of the teens and Paul Stine. If the writer had been a cop, he would have been able to accurately describe the crime incidents. He likely too could have ripped off part of Stein’s shirt after their own bodies had been taken away. That represents he would have to be an SFPD officer, but he could have gotten violation scene descriptions from Vallejo too.

Maybe the killer could have even been Arthur Leigh Allen. Serial murderers often work in duets. What I find most compelling about this theory is how advantageous it would be for the murderer. If the killer was caught, he would be cleared on the basis of the evidence from the words, since it would be assumed that they were the same person.”

2. The police encountered the killer

Did racism play a role in the police failing to catch the Zodiac Killer? Possibly. The police patrolled the orbit near where taxi motorist Paul Stine was killed. Despite all testify and investigations constructed police and detectives think that the Zodiac Killer is white-hot, these two police officer did not get the memoranda, according to The Talko .

“When police radioed in to keep an eye out for the suspect, there was a horrendous mistake in the communication, which had police striving a colored man instead of a Caucasian one (* sees roll *). Two Police who were patrolling the area happened to come across a human whom they observed walking away from the misdemeanour incident, but they didn’t stop him, as he didn’t fit the description.”

3. The Zodiac Killer employed cement to secrete fingerprints

One myth of why the Zodiac Killer has been able to evade captivate and his identity has not been learnt is frustrating the police from enabled to detect his DNA. In one of his words, the Zodiac Killer claimed that he coated his fingertips in two coats of airplane cement to impede leaving etches behind. This has neither been proven or debunked.

4. The Zodiac Killer’s crimes were linked to the Manson Family

Some people said he believed that the Zodiac Killer is Bruce Dern, who was a member of the Manson Family. Bruce Dern is a imprisoned murderer for his crimes committed while he was a member of the Manson Family, so being the Zodiac Killer would not be out of persona. The Zodiac/ Manson Connection goes into this theory further, giving evidence of why Dern is the Zodiac Killer. Here is the connection between Bruce Dern and one of the Zodiac Killer’s casualties Cheri Jo Bates 😛 TAGEND

“He returned to Tennessee but relocated back to California in 1964( near the moment of its San Diego Honeymoon assassinations .) He lived in Anaheim, Riverside, Buena Park, Costa Mesa and expended some time in Newport Beach.( Zodiac victim, Cheri Jo Bates frequented this site .) During this time he worked as a welder, painter, tube fitter , general construction worker, longshoreman, farm laborer, barroom aide, road surveyor, and auto-mechanic. Lastly” falling out” of civilization in November 1966,( at the same time that the Zodiac wrote the Bates ” Confession ” character) Davis became a” transient undergrounder .” Riverside City College was experiencing a redevelopment during the years 1965 to 1967 and it is believed that Davis worked on that job from time to time.”

5. The Zodiac called into a television show

On October 22, 1969, the Zodiac Killer calledinto the Oakland Police Department, necessitating that either Melvin Belli or Francis Lee Bailey, both solicitors, go on air to appear on Jim Dunbar’s show eventually that day. Melvin Belli agreed. A person by the call of “Sam” called into Dunbar’s show and claimed to be the Zodiac Killer but soon hung up. The police were not able to retrace the caller down.

6. There is no Zodiac Killer

Is the Zodiac Killer only a sham? The blog Zodiac Hoaxcertainly thinks so. The writer of this blog bases their proof around the issue that simply a small number of people involved with probing the Zodiac Killer actually believed that there was a Zodiac Killer.

“So, why have so many parties been so persuaded for so long? One decision of my investigate was the “discovery” that, in real life, very few people who had direct knowledge of these four assassinate examples actually believed in the Zodiac theory at all. Only Les Lundblad of the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, Ken Narlow of the Napa County Sheriff’s office, Mel Nicolai of the California Department of Justice, and Sherwood Morill, a DOJ Questioned Documents Examiner, seem to have actually’ believed’ in the Zodiac. “

7. Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

This is more of a joke than believable, but this theory was spread across the internet during the course of its 2016 American General elections, particularly during the Republican primary elections. In October 2017, Ted Cruz himself even tweeted out one of the Zodiac Killer’s evidences that he left for the police during a Twitter spat.

What is your favorite ideology about the Zodiac Killer?


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