Seven years after a college football coincidence paralyzed Chris Norton, he walked his bride, Emily Summers, down the aisle to the applause and admiration of their 200 clients. Nothing could remain Chris and Emily from ambling down the alley together at their wedding this last April 21 -their love and finding is that strong!

When Tragedy Struck Chris Norton

On October 26, 2010, Chris ruptured his C3 and C4 vertebrae during a Luther College football game in Decorah, Iowa. The trauma resulted as Chris’ head impacted the ball carrier’s knee, leaving Chris face down, motionless on the ground.

In his book( co-written with his father, Terry) The Power of Faith When Tragedy Strikes: A Father-Son Memoir, Chris remembers that right after the trauma “silence percolated the seat around us. The only people talking were managers or coach-and-fours, and beyond that, I could have heard a penny drop in the stadium. Ten instants gone by as subjects resumed.’ Can you feel us grabbing your foot? Can you feel this on your leg? Do you feel this prick on your limb? ’ I hindered remarking,’ No , no , no , no! ’ ”

Terry writes: “The part I remember most, the division that burned like a spear in my gut, was that as they stabilized him, he didn’t move at all. Not one part of his torso had moved.”

They took Chris by ambulance to a neighbourhood hospital and then the nearby Mayo Clinic. Chris had a three percent risk of ever moving anything below his neck again.

I had two selects. Was I going to spend the rest of “peoples lives” find sorry for myself? Or was I going to make a stand? I know one thing. When they tell you that you have a 3% possibility of moving anything below your cervix again, forget the 97. Focus on the 3. Yes, “peoples lives” changed forever; but through my experience, I realized that how “peoples lives” would change is a matter for me. I had … THE POWER TO STAND . Chris proved everyone incorrect as he worked to regain his mobility-first walking across the stage at his college graduation. Now he travels full age as a motivational loudspeaker to share this content 😛 TAGEND I’M CHRIS NORTON, AND I GOT KNOCKED DOWN. HARD .

But our lives aren’t determined by situation. They’re influenced by us. Perseverance isn’t about the physical routine of standing: it’s about posture, and capacities necessary to chassis yourself in the face of adversity .

While training for his wedding walk, Fotolanthropy,a non-profit organization that celebrates narrations of the expectations of those who have defied peculiars, started to work on a documentary about Norton, Summers, and their ambitious goal to make it down the aisle. Watch the trailer below.

Chris and Emily Norton’s Love Story

Chris and Emily converged through an online dating area in 2013. Chris told People periodical: “I was waiting for that girl who constituted “i m feeling” alive and someone I wanted to spend the rest of “peoples lives” with and then here attains Emily. I knew she was the one.”

Chris gems that Emily didn’t even are likely to notice the wheelchair. Norton told People magazine: “What I love about Emily is that she has the most difficult nature in the world. She has so much better compassion and empathy.”

Together, the couple is growing five foster children-all under the age of 8. This is Emily’s lifelong reverie. In this Instagram post, Emily explains that this is her favorite photo of the night-a special jig she had with a former foster child that ended in sweetened tears.

Chris Norton are again been demonstrated that The Power to Stand is available to all of us. His word has been researched and supported in his working life. Chris responds, “My story is about more than just me. It’s about all of us. We all have the power to push past life’s challenges. And when we make a stand, we’ll change “the worlds”! ”

The Chris Norton Foundation is a nonprofit that exists to help people with spinal line and neuromuscular disabilities. You can donate to the foundation here. You can speak People’s exclusive aspect on Norton and Summer’s marriage period here, and watch People’s nearly 20 -minute peculiarity video here.

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