However, as happens so often in cases like this, the legend becomes an opportunity for the broadcast of grievances and prejudices about Islam, through the statement of advocating for women’s rights. Islam is murderous, people will say, because of how they consider their women- and search, here is an example that reinforces that controversy!

Let the women who are advocates for #JusticeForNoura be an example to seeing how that is fundamentally incorrect. The encumbrance on Muslim women is impossibly heavy- to defend themselves against both the ignorance of non-Muslims with an Islamophobic agenda, and the deeply patriarchal standards that exist within renderings of sharia around the world. To restate Dr Susan Carland, Muslim women forever face a catch-2 2. However, when the fight truly is on, as in the case of Noura, they are the first to step up to fight for each other’s rights and protection. Tell me, how is that oppression?

* Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a mechanical designer, social counselor, and writer. Call her website here


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