Denver won the Super Bowl last-place season despite Peyton Manning but they could have even worse difficulties at quarterback this time around

Will the lack of a quarterback send the Broncos from first to worst ?

Possibly no Super Bowl champion has had a shorter honeymoon than the Broncos, who were blindsided by the retirement of their quarterback of the future, Brock Osweiler. While they knew Peyton Manning was likely leaving they expected Osweiler who won several games in Mannings absence would keep the offense stable and allow the tournaments better justification to make another Super Bowl run.

But now that Osweiler is in Houston the Broncos have their own problems of parallelling their upper-clas security behind an inexperienced quarterback. That is if they can find a quarterback. Their post-world championship training camp has been dedicated to finding the next Osweiler, which isnt the mode you want to set out on another Super Bowl operate. For now they are going with low-pitched 2015 enlist select Trevor Siemian over the following spring No1 select Paxton Lynch the experienced Mark Sanchez has left for the Cowboys.

The quarterback situation makes the pressure will be on the security to be even better and generate even more turnovers, if that is possible. They will be built, again, around Von Miller who they handed $70 m secured to lead everything, even as they appear to harbor concerns about Millers maturity. They still have any number of society pass rushers along with the luxury of three top-level cornerbacks. This defense can be great. But can it be enough to withstand the growing aches of Siemian or Lynch? That may be a lot to ask.

Can Andy Reid ultimately make it back to the Super Bowl ?

Only once in all his years of running the Philadelphia Eagles did Kansas City coach Andy Reid go to a Super Bowl. The answer was a 24 -2 1 overcome to the New England Patriots that no doubt bites to this day. Once again, Reid is in charge of a talented team with the potential to go deep in the postseason. But can he push the Chiefs through January? Can he even get them to acquire their split?

This Kansas City team are a classic Reid club. They have a solid, although not elite, quarterback in Alex Smith who is a statistical equal of the NFLs top passers but nonetheless descends simply short of their metrics. They also have skilled playmakers like Jeremy Maclin and Jamaal Charles and an ability to put up extents. Just like Reids Eagles, these Leaders have pestered and yet descended short.

Ultimately it might be their protection that takes them to the top. That is a bit of an incongruity for Reid who is solidly an offensive coach. The biggest key to Kansas Citys success is pass rusher Justin Houston who rent his ACL last wintertime and hopes to be on the field by midseason. If the Chiefs can get Houston back with eight recreations to romp and he can be the dominant pursuer of quarterbacks, he and Derrick Johnson could fasten a justification that will at the least complement Kansas Citys offense and maybe finally tell the Chiefs win big.

Are the Chargers going to make one last stand in San Diego ?

After 55 years in San Diego, the Chargers may have reached the end of their time in the city. A referendum on a new downtown stadium tower towards the end of this season, and if the vote fails the Chargers will move to Los Angeles which is where they started in 1960. So in this year of indecision, the Chargers will try to not do what they have done for decades and disappoint. If they do depart, they will leave San Diego having never won a Super Bowl despite fielding innumerable teams that had capacities necessary to do so.

Last years team seemed to have the knack to triumph the discord; instead they finished 4-12 with almost all those demolishes coming by less than a touchdown. This seasons squad is likewise gifted. Quarterback Philip Creek never gets the credit he deserves. Close-fisted objective Antonio Gates is 36 but still effective and receiver Keenan Allen is back after missing half of last season. The Chargers brought in the brilliant Ken Whisenhunt to extended the offense and that could help as will an improved offensive wrinkle. Will that help 2015 s top enlist select, Melvin Gordon, grow the musician San Diego guessed rather than the disappointment of last-place season. But will it work out? That ever seems to be the issues to with the Chargers.

If the offense can find ways to score the Chargers can get off to a huge start because defensively they are solid. Cornerback Jason Verrett has blossomed into a stellar and the additives of Brandon Mebane and Dwight Lowery might help. The overall ability is there for San Diego to win the AFC West and even make a Super Bowl range, but you are able say that for most of the last 15 times. Will this be the year that changes? The long holdout of crown draft collect Joey Bosa isnt a good start. The voters are watching. Never have the Chargers needed to be great, specially since this season is about the fight to stay in San Diego.

How good can the Raiders be ?

Slowly the Oakland Raiders have remade themselves in a way unfamiliar to those who watched Raiders rebuilds under Al Davis. In other words, they have put together a solid basi of young musicians and give them germinate. Now goes its first year where it should start be paid by in prevails. There are great signs: Derek Carr as the health risks to be a top quarterback in the league, but only if he stops shedding so many reckless passes. Amari Cooper is one of the best young receivers in the NFL but he has another level to contact. Michael Crabtree can still be a receiving threat and the running game is solid.

The biggest questions are on protection, which is what the Invader tried to address in the offseason. Last year Oakland gave up an average of 25 places a game, an unreasonable figure for any team trying to make a playoff pas. They made some excellent signs in get Kansas City cornerback Sean Smith and putting him along with David Amerson who played well last year. They included pass rusher Bruce Irvin to go with the outstanding Khalil Mack and signed Reggie Nelson to play security and hope that top enlist select Karl Joseph can be the difference-maker they think he is.

These are all strong moves on paper and speak to a team that is going forward after various ruinous times. If the expectation is that Carr and Cooper will continue to get better the improved protection could push the Raiders to the top of the AFC West perhaps for several years to come. And 3 years ago who would have is hoping that?


1) Kansas City

2) San Diego

3) Oakland

4) Denver


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