“This Is Us” followers will have to wait until fall to watch Season 3 of the strike NBC series. But the show’s direct and crew will return to work filming new occurrences very soon.

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin on the demo, says he’s been experiencing the time off ahead of returning to the set the summer months. He’s spending time with his new spouse, Chrishell Stause, following a nostalgic honeymoon on Maui. And the actor lately partnered with Gillette for the shaving company’s “One Size Does Not Fit Every Man” initiative.

Still, he’s ready to see his castmates again and find out what the next season has in store. At the end of Season 2, we ensure his reference, Kevin Pearson, working on his addiction recovery and linking with a brand-new desire fascinate: Beth’s cousin Zoe, played by Melanie Liburd.

Through your character’s legend arc in Season 2, “This Is Us” managed to shed a light on addiction and the challenges of it. What was the biggest challenge for “youve got to” take on that new plot line?

For me, it was a constant checking in and seeing sure we were telling a truthful, honest storey because the subject matter is important, because it is so serious. Because there are so many fine parties that struggle with addiction or mental illness. It’s a constant thing. It’s not something that you deal with a for a few minutes and lick or you overcome. It’s something that becomes a part of you going forward. It becomes part of your textile. You deal with it every day. And I just wanted to make sure that we told an honest storey so that somebody out there that is going through something like that or has gone through something like that can look at it and say, “That’s actually what it is.” For me it made not tying everything up in a nice little prow. Style of getting down and dirty and actually going into it. And seeing this guy genuinely hit rock bottom … And then likewise making sure that when we told the storey we were very clear if you are dealing with it “youre not” doing it alone … You necessity help.

NBC Zoe and Kevin in the Season 2 finale of “This Is Us.”

The final chapter pestered a new intrigue for Kevin. Are you aroused about that, and can you taunt nothing about what we might see in Season 3?

Oh yeah, I am totally roused about that. It’s so interesting what the hell is do on our display. They’re able to open up these assemblies of these characters’ lives. You’ve been watching it for two seasons, but If you think about it, you’ve only really recognized 36 hours of these people’s lives …. It’s just a bright behavior to tell a story and so we’re able to open up assemblies of these characters’ lives and it gives people insight into why they do certain things and why they behave any particular way or what influences these events had on “peoples lives” move forwards. And she’s[ actress Melanie Liburd] fantastic. Our shedding is maniac. They literally bring in the best actors … I also think it’s good for Kevin moving forward to find someone brand-new that maybe doesn’t know so much better about him. To detect brand-new acts about himself via person brand-new. So, I’m really excited about that and I think he’s on this travel in trying to find out more about his father and likewise having a self-discovery chapter as well. I’m sure we can go jolly deep with all of that material. He’s a reasonably complex character.

NBC Sterling K. Brown plays an older version of Randall on “This Is Us.”

We appreciated Sterling K. Brown play an elderly Randall this past season. Do you think we’ll check an older Kevin down the line?

I hope so. I hope that he ages as well as Randall! There’s obviously area for that … That would be recreation. I would like to see where he is as an older man, what he’s got going on. Does he have kids? Does he get remarried? How many times has he been remarried? Does he find Sophie again? Do they never talk again? Times he have twinneds? Who knows? I’m actually curious to know where this person objective up.

You guys have been off for months. Do you miss everyone?

I’m ready to go. It was good to have a couple of weeks … We’re in touch regularly. We have like 37,000 group chains that go across. Some of them I’m on. Probably some of them I’m not on. I’m trying to think — the longest I’ve gone is a week or two without talking to every single one of them. I talked to Milo[ Ventimiglia] yesterday. I talked to Sterling the day before yesterday. We’ve become pretty good friends. I’m be prepared to get back to work.


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