Melissa Molinaro doesnt play around, specially when it comes to the booty.

If Molinaro looks familiar to you, youve possibly find her wedding video.

The dancer and registering artist, whos previously auditioned for both Building the Band and the Pussycat Dolls, invested 8minutes of her wedding night whining and grinding to a Beyonc-inspired montage of songs.

She even had backup dancers, twisting their hips in sync.

To date, more than 4 million viewers have gaped at Molinaros routine.( Im only about 500,000 of them .) But this delivers one question to intellect: What does that wife do to get her body?

Well, Molinaro just answered that doubt on Instagram.

Back from a glamorous honeymoon in the Maldives dont worry, she had a professional photographer shoot slew of snapshots Molinaros reaching the gym to get her butt exercisings in.

Ready to feel butt-spired? Molinaro, whose Instagram bio proudly exclaims her influence loot, is your new source of fitspiration.

Using a resistance stripe to continue her leg muscles active, Molinaro propels into a series of jumping and moving squats.

The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, so itll take time to build a bubble as. Some people happen to be genetically blessed, but for the rest of us, its all sweat, rends and glute exercises.

This isnt the first time shes shown us her fitness mojo, however.

Molinaro regularly posts sponsored activewear ads on her Instagram page.

Molinaros pre-wedding workout committed descent it low-grade with a weighted barroom on her shoulders.

To realise change more rapidly, run those diagonal angles.

Shes calling this her honeymoon tart ass, but Im not buying it.

Im going to say she likely doesnt buy it, either.

Molinaro teaches with luminary fitness pro Julio Cruz, and she doesnt take any daytimes off.

Im sweating a bit just watching these videos. High-intensity delays make fatty burn, while fighting and heaviness enhance muscle.

You might know Cruzas the man who saw Sofia Vergaras curves.

He understands the best exercisings for a round booty.

Hes even taught Victorias Secret Angels like Jasmine Tookes.

Victorias Secret maidens are the eventual endorsement.

That explains everything.

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