China rejects Trumps calls for it to do more to rein in its neighbour, saying the China responsibility theory must stop

China has repudiated Donald Trumps recited calls for it to do more to rein in North Koreas nuclear programme, saying the China responsibility theory must stop.

Trumps frustration with China has grown since Pyongyang launched an intercontinental cruise missile that some experts say could contact Alaska or other parts of the US west coast. Prior to the missile open, the US had already imposed sanctions against two Chinese citizens and a shipping busines with ties to Pyongyang, and moved to blacklist a small Chinese bank headquartered in a town on their own borders with North Korea.

But China said here on Tuesday that it was not the key to allaying frictions on the Korean peninsula.

Recently, certain people, talking about the Korean peninsula nuclear issue, have been exaggerating and devoting renown to the so-called China responsibility theory, said Geng Shuang, a foreign ministry spokesman, without naming a particular being or country. I think this either shows scarcity of a full, remedy knowledge of the issue, or there are ulterior motives for it, trying to shift responsibility.

China is North koreans primary diplomatic friend and its largest trading collaborator, and the Chinese rulers have gone to great lengths to ensure Kim Jong-uns regime does not collapse.

They obsess the twilight of the existing regime would lead to chaos, with millions of refugees pouring over their own borders. Agents are also apprehensive of a unified Korea backed by the US, and of sharing international borders with a country where about 30,000 US units are stationed.

All defendants must meet each other halfway and China had made significant efforts and played a constructive role, Geng added. He described US sanctions against Chinese corporations as lending petroleum to a fire at the same time as China was trying to extinguish the ignites. The US also infuriated Chinese officials by announcing $1.42 bn value of arms sales to Taiwan, a self-ruled island which China regards as part of its territory.

Asking others to do work, but doing nothing themselves is not OK, Geng said. Being jabbed in the back is certainly not OK.

China in part blames the US and South Korea for heightened strains on the promontory, quoting frequent military exercises and a recently distributed anti-missile structure.

Before a meeting with the Chinese chairman, Xi Jinping, at the G20 in Hamburg, Trump cited strong trade figures between China and North koreans, saying: So much for China working with us but we had to give it a try!

Imports of Chinese goods into North koreans have remained strong in the months since China stopped buying coal from the isolated country.

Trump struck a more conciliatory tint at the join, saying he was confident the North Korean nuclear issue would eventually be resolved, but it may take more time.


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