Pre-wedding photo conferences have become big business in China, as duets requirement shower mementoes of their large-hearted date in advance. Gone are the days when pairs would be satisfied with a single black and white photo to commemorate their wedding


A couple pose for their pre-wedding photos on a street in Beijing

A couple pose at the 27 Rome Brand photo studio

The busy streets of Wuhan( left) and Beijing are backdrops to photos

Fantastic, artificial studio directs are popular

A couple pose in a studio recreation of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat( left ), and a jungle( privilege ), both at 27 Rome Brand

Photos on the Bund in Shanghai

Pre-wedding photos in front of a replication of the Eiffel Tower, at World Park in Beijing

A Chinese couple constitute next to Lake Erhai in Dali, Yunnan province

The Yellow Sea in Qingdao suffices as a backdrop for glad couples

A night-time shoot on the beach at Gulangyu Island, in Xiamen

A wearisome aide inhibits a light reflector


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