Who would you rather have on your slope in a crisis? Chrissy Teigen or Ellen DeGeneres ?

That’s the question we have to ask after Ellen’s return to daytime TV on Monday, in which she interviewed Chrissy in a video ask where each spoke from quarantine in their own homes.

We have to say, the starring of Chrissy’s Court is undoubtedly is most recreation! During the interview — for which she chose to remain in her home robe and nothing else — the supermodel momma guzzles wine-colored, plays with her puppy, and goes astonishingly emotional.

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Speaking about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, she deplores 😛 TAGEND

” This is candidly unreal. Clearly, this is the most unreal situation ever, but of course we’re holding up fine. It’s just been an unreal, surreal know-how for our family and everybody out there. So, yeah, it’s pretty crazy .”

Chrissy then opens the door to about a convo “shes had” with Ellen’s producer Andy Lassner in which things got a little more psychological than they expected 😛 TAGEND

” Andy and I were talking yesterday, and we officially decided it was clearly getting to us a little bit. We became more emotional about it. It became very real. It was kind of a bizarre, it happened really fast … It’s fun to be light-hearted and shape jokes and try to realise people joyous and laugh about it, but then it really smacks you and you go through these ups and downs. What we’re going through right now is unprecedented, and it’s illusory .”

With hubby John Legend at her line-up, she also offers her are waiting for the future 😛 TAGEND

” If we are able to emerge from this just having this newfound love and respect for our fellow human, that would be such a beautiful, wonderful thing … Because I know when we’re able to be in contact with parties again, I’m going to be so emotional and it’s going to be such a beautiful thing to be able to touch people’s hands when I jest at what they’re saying, or touch their faces, or contribute my dad a hug. It’s gonna be a beautiful know-how. So if we can at least come out of this and change a bit, I think that would be a really wonderful thing .”

See the whole interview( below ):

[ Image via Ellen/ YouTube .]

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