Image copyright Hy Money Image caption John Wood and Gemma Harris had a dead parrot( Norwegian blue of course) as their table centrepiece

To mark the 50 th anniversary of Monty Python’s first broadcast, superfans John Wood and his bride Gemma Harris decided to theme their marry on the classic comedy.

As well as comments to various Monty Python scenes and cinemas they played their own recreation of the Buying a Bed sketch at the ceremony in West Sussex.

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Mr Wood said the wedding had taken two years to design.

“Most people” at the marry had “no idea who Monty Python is, and they don’t understand it at all, ” he said.

“Only a very small number of people will understand these little details and jokes.”

The surreal comedy group was formed by John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Graham Chapman, and Michael Palin, and generated long-running TV sketch appearance Monty Python’s Flying Circus and various films.

Image copyright Hy Money Image caption The leg made an appearance with the couple’s marriage cake
Image copyright Dave Randle Image caption The couple’s cake with topped with the pair garmented as lumberjacks

Even the menu followed the Monty Python topic, the East Grinstead couple said.

“The salmon mousse is a reference to the salmon mousse which kills everybody at the end of The Meaning of Life, ” John said.

“And of course we had to have spam, ” said Gemma.

Image copyright John Wood

John said he proposed to Gemma in front of Palin and Gilliam at a fundraising event.

Palin sent them a special wedding message saying: “I hope their union last-places as long as Monty Python, and is only a silly. Good cares, Michael.”

John said Python actress Carol Cleveland had asked why she had not been invited “to which I replied ‘If you’d like to come, you’d be extremely welcome. We would be honoured'”.

“She replied, thanking me but saying she couldn’t come. The next thing I know, she was there to my breathe stun – mind blown! “

“Gemma, who is a graphic designer, has created all sorts of amazing things. It’s like a Monty Python macrocosm, ” John said.

Image copyright John Wood Image caption Carol Cleveland made a surprise appearance at the bridal and even tried spam for the very first time
Image copyright John Wood

The wedding ceremony took place on Saturday in Sharpthorne in West Sussex with about 80 clients.

Gemma ambled down the alley to the Python theme music, including the fart noise culmination.

“Then, we signed the register to the intermission music from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, ” John said.

Image copyright Hy Money

“I affection the facts of the case it takes the severe side of life and a lot of the sketches examine ordinary … but there’s some laughable phase of it that represents you question or think about life in a slightly different way, ” he added.

“Once you’ve seen it, you can’t not see it any more.”

Image copyright John Wood

The couple are planning to honeymoon at Doune Castle in Scotland, which featured in the Monty Python cinema, the Holy Grail.

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