Jamie Fox and Zenele Ndlovu get married at Zimbabwean hospital five days after attack

A couple assaulted by a crocodile got married days later in a Zimbabwean hospital where the bride was recovering after losing an arm.

Jamie Fox and Zenele Ndlovu were canoeing on the Zambezi, one of Africa’s longest rivers, when the attack happened on 30 April. Ndlovu lost her right arm and sustained injuries to her left hand. Five days later the couple move even married a infirmary chapel.

” In 1 week we moved from appall and agony to a truly amazing experience ,” Fox said.” We were glad we still had our lives and managed to keep our wedding year, although we had to do with a much smaller venue. The revels exited onward at the original venue but Zenele and I had to remain at research hospitals .”

He said the attack had been scaring.” I was shouting, trying to save her. She was not complaining of suffering when we managed to pull her out of the liquid, perhaps because of the collapse. We were hoping the doctors would save her arm but that was not to be .”

The couple had been dating for about 18 months.” I proposed in February. We are hoping to settle in the UK, so we are sorting out her visa and then we will think of the honeymoon ,” Fox said.

Ndlovu was discharged from research hospitals on Monday.


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