How did you meet your significant other? As cute as the story of your first meeting are liable to be, I gambling Ben and Noa Glass have you beat.

See, apparently, these two newlyweds filled because of an Airbnb mistake, so it was only right they decided to tie the knot in the vestibule of Airbnb’s headquarters in San Francisco.

As the legend runs, Ben, a San Francisco native, was looking for a last-minute booking in Tel Aviv, Israel and procured a rental scheduled by, yup, you guessed it, Noa.

Ben was reportedly delving the description of the human rights unit and tried to notebook with Noa, exclusively Noa was in Brazil and forgot to move the accommodation unavailable on Airbnb.

Anyway, Ben have another rental in Israel, but Noa was “feeling ugly about the mistake, ” so she expected Ben to met her at a coffee shop in Israel before he returned home.You realize where this is going, right?

Ben intention up retarding his expedition residence to San Francisco and the pair continued to stay in suggestion for the next few years, including traveling to visit one another in person.

Ah, love.

One thing led to another and, well, naturally the couple wanted to get married at Airbnb’s headquarters in’ Frisco, because if it wasn’t for the rental assistance, Ben and Noa likely would’ve never crossed paths.

Speaking with SF Gate, the couple said,

We required a private marriage ceremony but in a residence this is gonna be meaningful to us,[ and] the Airbnb office seemed like a cool plan since we had congregated through Airbnb two years ago. We enjoyed the Airbnb atrium and headquarters. We had great assistance from the staff and one of the founders, Joe[ Gebbia ].

Apparently, Airbnb employees get wind of the opening ceremony and couldn’t assistant but pop in and take a look at the beautiful couple.

The cherry on the top? Airbnb devoted Ben and Noa quite the wedding talent: $5,000 in Airbnb ascribes to use towards their honeymoon.

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