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Do you ever sometimes merely want to be a bride for a day so “youve had” the “excuse” to act like a batsh* t psycho, be mean to little kids, and tell everyone it’s YOUR SPECIAL DAY? Me more. I was already a bride, though, so my day has come and gone. So instead, I’ll have to stick to living vicariously through necessitating internet brides, which is why we started a Crazy Wedding Story of the Week series. If you missed the inaugural Crazy Wedding Story, click here. If you’re caught up because you live for this stuff as much as I do, then get ready. The theme of today’s crazy bride story became little kids cry, which, #goals, and also, #respect. Let’s just dive right in, because I don’t have all day.

WTF Happened?

Posted in the AITA subreddit( Am I The Asshole, for those of you who don’t internet quite so hard as I do ), a bride felt she had to ” elect” between two flower girls and her methods for choosing were, in a word, shallow. Things spiraled from there.

She writes 😛 TAGEND ” Got married last weekend and had a lovely period, but had some agitation earlier today the marry day . For heyday daughter, we had a choice between my two nieces, Amber and Katie. They’re both eight and it was a tough decision. Regrettably for my perfect era I felt shallow and since Amber has more of a usual ethereal “cute” illusion( very long hair, glasses, big smile) I picked her. Her parents also persuaded me she deserved it because she got top observes in some assessment her institution did . During the uniting prep Katie and her father( my brother) continued telling me that Amber had been bullying her about the fact she didn’t get the job. The girlfriends “ve never” liked one another for reasonableness I don’t know. I didn’t pay too much subconsciou to it since I was too caught up in myself .”

Alright, this is the beginning tamed enough. I represent, I’m not really grasping why this woman couldn’t precisely have two flower girlfriends, but I guess we wouldn’t have a Reddit yarn to make fun of then, would we? Too, I’m dying at the facts of the case that the bride declares she was feeling shallow and that she actually pretended to give a f* ck about Amber getting good points. We all know that didn’t even remotely affect your decision. Merely say you were doing it for the pictures and keep it moving.

The Bully Battle

Because 8-year-old girls are some of the meanest characters known to man, naturally, they start bullying each other and it takes a wild turn.

” On the bridal morning I got to witness the bully myself and it was pretty cruel. Amber( and keep in mind this is an eight time old-time infant) told Katie that she’d never get married because she’s too ugly. I could imagine how upsetting this would be for a child and I obligated Amber apologise and also took away the flower girl job and gave it to Katie. Amber was crying throughout the wedding day, and for the past days I haven’t heard anything from her papa my other brother .”

First off, jazz clicks for the classy Queen’s English spellings( I expect this epic Reddit weave was written from the UK, and are happy to be thought that Kate Middleton is actually the author ). Secondly, LOL at swapping flower girlfriends ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING. Like, could you not just say ” hey , now we have two flower girls and you have to share because being an asshole gets you nowhere in life .”

Additionally, I have SO many questions related to hair, makeup, and dress for these little ogres. Didn’t Amber already have a dress? Had she already practised exactly how to walk down the aisle and use her cuteness to appeal literally everyone? How would Katie know what to do? Did she have something acceptable to wear? Did she draw Amber present her the dress? Are they even the same size ???* Takes deep, calming breathers* you’re right, I’m too deep into this story. But individual has got to ask the important questions.

The Aftermath

Now everyone’s mad and none triumphs, except, I suspect, the bride, who’s about to experience a super fun honeymoon without any( literal) middle school drama. OR SO WE THOUGHT 😛 TAGEND

” My husband and I are going away on our honeymoon on Thursday, and i was anxious to get in touch with my brother before “were leaving”. He lastly announced me and was extremely angry at me for taking the job away from his daughter. He said Amber has been crying the past two days and felt truly humiliated, and was really looking forward to the job . As someone who was bullied myself growing up, it felt like the right thing to do after Amber’s behaviour towards Katie. I can’t imagine how upsetting those mentions would be, and at that point Katie, who had never been anything other than well behaved deserved it more than Amber .”

OK, there’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, I get the brother being mad that his girl went shafted out of flower girl imperatives at the last minute. However, he needs to recognize that number one, this is not a big deal at all, but number two and even more importantly, his minor was, without mincing texts, a total asshole. I feel like this is a valued parenting/ schooling time. I get the impulse to deflect responsibility, but your child is not going to get anywhere in life if they never face results for sh* tty behavior.

Also, where are Katie’s parents in all this? I feel for this kid. Someone buy her a stuffed animal or some cotton candy!

The post author, our bride, has been voted an asshole, for those who are interested. I’m inclined to agree if ONLY for the fact that both girlfriends should have been flower girls to begin with.( To her recognition, and not to pile on her too much, the bride says that she exactly genuinely did not think to have two flower girlfriends .) Also, she was kind of an asshole for picking a kid exclusively based on cuteness instead of whether or not she was a mini Regina George. I do hope, though, that these third tier demons and their parents don’t ruin this bride’s honeymoon. Nobody deserves that for a “job” that is just scattering some heyday petals.

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