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Welcome back to another Crazy Wedding Story of the week. This one is especially crazy and convoluted. It has everything: a ridiculously challenging bride, angry own family members threatening to sue, and a construction you surely won’t see coming. You’re so welcome that I’ve brought you this juicy incident to brighten your Wednesday. I know, I know–I deserve a f* cking medal. Or, in lieu of a medal, I will likewise consent $30,000 in donations–you’ll assure why in a sec. I can’t really present an introduction to this story without passing too much of it away, so let’s just slash right to the chase.

The Set-Up

Today’s crazy wedding tale is in relation to us via the Choosing Beggars subreddit, which proves in and of itself to be gold. The proposition of the subreddit is exposing choosy beggars, i.e ., people who expect ridiculous freebies for no good reason. Highly recommend for your procrastinating-at-work pleasure. So when someone posted screenshots to r/ choosingbeggars of a Facebook post in which a bride divulges she’s canceling her wedding after receiving a whopping $30,000 in subscriptions, the upright swiftly departed viral on the subreddit. Merely in case we have some grimy deleting on our hands, here’s the screenshot of what went down πŸ˜› TAGEND

HOLY SH* T. First of all, it’s nuts that this couple managed to raise $ 30,000 BEFORE the bridal. But that’s obviously not the real question here. How in the actual sh* t does someone think it’s okay to collect tens of thousands of dollars from their friends and family, then pull a bait-and-switch? Then ask for MORE money and endows ?? The daring of these people. I would be mildly amazed if I didn’t want to smacking the sh* t out of them.

The thing with donating coin to a cause is that you typically expect the money you make will, in fact, go to that justification. Sooooo flip-flopping and told that you unexpectedly need to use that coin for a lavish honeymoon BEFORE you’re even married( which, let’s be real, is simply a vacation) and to get yourselves financially stable, makes actually zero sense.

Here’s a red-hot gratuity: if you’re not financially stable, you probs shouldn’t be taking a $30 k honeymoon. I’m no business insider, but that seems like moderately legit advice, right?

Also, you know that” rescheduled marriage” ain’t happenin’ and this is just a blatant cash grab. If I knew such person or persons , is not simply would they not get another gift from me for their honeymoon, but they would never assure another penny from me as long as we both shall live.

The Backlash

NATURALLY, every family member, guest, and wedding party member rightly freaked the f* ck out. The screenshots for you, my adores πŸ˜› TAGEND

There’s so much more than even these, but can I get a rich uncle who only gives me like $12 k? That’d be close-fisted. Likewise, is impossible to not with the one bridesmaid that’s like” I “ve given you” $200 and I love you–I’m such a good friend “? Alright, Gretchen Wieners, take it easy.

The Plot Thickens

If the initial positions and comments seemed a little wild even for the average psycho uniting story, you aren’t alone in being all, “hmmm.”

The investigators at Buzzfeed did some sleuthing and it looks as though this entire incident could have been a marketing ploy by some bullsh* t firm. I signify, good activity, market assholes. The berth went up on Reddit on Monday and quickly was shared, like, everywhere because of how solely insane it is.

More screenshots of the family responses popped up on Monday night, but merely via some f* cking website we’ve never heard of announced CapturedIt.club, which seems a little weird. When it did go up, literally NOTHING ELSE was on the website. Sketch.

Any additional “comments” from own family members had the Captured It Club watermark, which, like, again, seems a bit curious. If these are real screenshots, why are they watermarked with some rando website’s reputation? Damn, how did none of us pick up on this? I feel like a clown. Even more questionable , nothing of the Facebook posts had any reactions, which is pretty weird. You would think something of this caliber would be a sea of angry face emojis, wow faces, and detest buttons. The tack in the coffin, though, is that GoFundMe has no record of a bride referred Pam and her believed fiance, Edward. And despite mentioning an Amazon registry in her original pole , no such Amazon registry for a Pam and Edward exists.

And, after Buzzfeed published their essay disclosing the facts of the case that this whole story may have been a PR stunt, capturedit.club took everything down off their website and superseded it with this screenshot πŸ˜› TAGEND

So … it looks like we’ve all been hustled, scammed, deceived, conducted awry. But now I have more questions than answers. Who/ what is Ben Hobbs? What the f* ck is the point of this capturedit.club website in the first place? Why were we all so enthusiastic to believe that someone would scam their friends and family out of $ 30,000?

I guess I’ve got to hand it to the people behind this weird-ass website for moron us all. But, candidly, I’m kind of sad this isn’t real. What does that say about me? Perhaps I’ll grapple with these existential dilemmas in next week’s crazy wedding story.

Images: Vitaliy Karimov/ Shutterstock.com; Choosing Beggars/ Reddit( 6 )


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