( CNN) The results of the Senate runoff election in Mississippi will throw some cold water on Democrats’ excitement about November’s “blue wave” midterm ballots. Though many questioned a consequence of the early results of the election, since November 6 the dimensions of the Democratic win is clear to me now. The defendant have so far been picked up 39 sets in the House, with a 40 th set still possible.

Republicans lost a Senate seat in Arizona, while in the Texas Senate race, Democratic congressman Beto O’Rourke play-act extremely well in republican parts of the government despite his loss. Of the 111 million polls cast for House candidates, which excess the 1974 midterm account of 8. 7 million referendums, Democrat triumphed 53.1%. Democrat are rightly pointing to the results as a massive jolt to President Trump. They now control the House of Congresswoman and will have a formidable scaffold from which to probe the White House and push brand-new legislative initiatives.

The blue-blooded curve seems to have gotten its force from the Trump effect — Democrats are energized throughout the country and Republicans in a number of important areas are not inspired by their party under his leader. The vote against President Trump seems to have been one of the most powerful parts on poll daylight. New political virtuosoes such as O’Rourke have risen on the vistum and are gearing up for another blue-blooded wave in 2020.


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