This doctor had never extradited a babe before, but that didn’t stop her.

An L.A. physician got a BIG surprise when she was on a recent overseas flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles.

UCLA resident Dr. Angelica Zen was coming home from her honeymoon when another passenger went into strive on the China Air flight. The stewardesses went into nurse-mode and the newlywed doctor snarled out of her honeymoon letup and right into action.

My training is in internal medicine pediatrics so we do adults and kids, but truly no pregnant women at all, so since my improve we havent done much OBGYN, said Zen. I was a little bit nervous.

She had never extradited a newborn before, but that didnt stop him from helping.

The pilot changed trend and headed to the nearest airfield in Anchorage, Alaska instead of continuing onto Californiabut even Anchorage was 3 hours away.

The brand-new babe girl was delivered at 30,000 feet in the air, but what is yet to be determined is whether or not sheis an American citizen, as it requires delivery within a 12 -mile radius of the U.S.

I was relieved the child looked very healthy, Zen told. And I was very happy for the mommy as well.


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