The Real Madrid president, Florentino Prez, plans to talk to Cristiano Ronaldo in the next few daylights regarding supposition relation him with a return to Manchester United

The Real Madrid president, Florentino Prez, says he intends to speak to Cristiano Ronaldo after the Confederations Cup comes to a close next week and claims that he is not entertaining the possibility of him departing the Santiago Bernabu, despite was pointed out that he wants to leave Spain. Prez also insisted that he not received any offers for Ronaldo or certainly for James Rodrguez or lvaro Morata. But, pushed on how he would act if he insists that he wants to go when they speak, Prez said: Life is long and you dont know what can happen. Lets assure; well listen to him.

Ronaldo is a Madrid player, were quite happy with him,[ but] there was a narration in the paper that said he was annoyed with the treatment given to his taxation edition. I envision the best thing for him and Madrid is for him to remain: well see what happens, Prez said. Right now, Cristiano is a Real Madrid actor and something very strange would have to happen for him not to be, and I am not[ even] contemplating that.

Madrids president like to remind you that he had found out about Ronaldos reported desire to leave when he was sent the figurehead embrace of the Portuguese newspaper A Bola on Monday morning. The article, which is close to the players agent Jorge Mendes, contributed on the headline: Ronaldo wants to abandon Spain. According to the report, he had told international team-mates that he wants to leave after the Spanish “prosecutors ” had requested that his occurrence for suspect tax evasion be taken to court. Further reports suggested that Ronaldo has insisted there was no way back. None of the storeys met with any denial.

Ronaldo was said to be upset with the direction that the case had been treated in the media and by Real Madrid, who he guesses have not done enough to defend him. There have been suggestions that he hoped Madrid would take responsibility for his taxation matters and handle any financial penalty. Prez protected Ronaldo but said that the idea that the fraternity would compensate any fine on his behalf does not make sense, claim: he would not wanted to go, Im sure. Hes not like that. If he is annoyed its not because of that, it is because he feels unfairly treated.

Prez was also indicated that while the organization compensates income tax, musicians organise their image claims as they see fit. This, in short, was not Madrids responsibility.

Prez, who had refused to take the questions put by the media during the bulletin that he was formally beginning a brand-new authorization as Madrids president on Monday night, spoke to the radio terminal Onda Cero radio station belatedly that night. Interviews were also conducted with the newspapers ABC and Marca and were due to appear the following morning, sketching that this was a self-conscious strategy. Marcas headline read: I have to speak to Ronaldo: he is a Madrid player and will continue to be. ABC preceded on: It is intolerable that Ronaldo is treated like a delinquent.

Yet while he protected Ronaldo and frequently said that right now “hes not” “re thinking of” a scenario in which he will leave, Prez stopped short of offering up a guarantee. At one point he held: Im not here to represent anyone. The outcome of the interrogation was effectively to return the dance, and responsibility, to Ronaldos court. Publicly at least, the issue was postponed until his return. There was ambiguity and no hasten to offer an instant resolution , nor any details thrown of dialogues held with Mendes. Surely, he claimed not to have really been talking to Ronaldos agent.

Prez also said he had not spoken to PSGs president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. There was no mention of Manchester United. He did, though, be acknowledged that he had talked briefly to Zinedine Zidane about it and that they had spoken of their concern over the question. I dont know[ if “hes having” echo Cristiano ], Prez said.

I havent spoken to Cristiano Ronaldo; I found out because of what has been said in the papers, Prez had begun by saying. I dont have a answer[ hitherto ]. All I can say right now is that Cristiano Ronaldo, like all players who have a contract, is a Real Madrid player. Whatever happened and something has happened that has affected his credibility for sure he will tell us and we will see what has happened. No one has said anything. Ive read what you have read, and I dont think its convenient to read too much into that. Things happen and you look for the best solution for everyone.

[ I found out] through the media. They transported me the report of A Bola. They say that it seems he is annoyed because of this Hacienda[ Inland Revenue] question. We dont know the extent of that he has not said it. I dont know[ why Mendes has not said anything ]. A newspaper told you so and we dont know who said it to them. It seems some player in “the member states national” unit said something. Well see if theres more to it than that.

The last period I was with Cristiano was in Cardiff. We were talking normally, he was delighted, he was enthusiastic, we have spoken next season, he was normal, looking forward to it.

Asked if he had spoken to Mendes, Prez responded: No , no. All that reached me is that[ Ronaldo] is harassed because of this and his management from the media. He lent: No one has told me anyone is annoyed with anyone.

Prez represented Ronaldo, insisting that such structures put in for his image rights is the same as “hes had” when he was a participate at Manchester United. I know him: hes a good guy, a professional , is not merely with the ball but too as a person, Prez said. All this is very strange. I will speak to him and makes learn what he has to say. We all have to fulfil our duty to Hacienda. We have terminated confidence that he has always wanted to fulfil his fiscal functions. His advocates, Baker& McKenzie, say he has the same organize in place as when he was in England. It would be absurd if[ he was charged when] it is the same as there and all he has done is returning it here.

Everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence, and Cristiano even more so. I ascertain some of the things that are said in the media and it pains me and I have nothing to do with it. He does important things socially: he is a person of solidarity. It must be some disorder life is long and I am sure we will find out, but what his advocates have said publicly is that there is nothing there. They dont understand it and they ae going to defend him. Maybe there is some misinterpretation. There is no intention[ to defraud ], for certain. He feels “hes not” dedicated any felony and that are required to wounded. It would suffer me.

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Cristiano is felt that he has to fulfil his fiscal obligations. He does a lot for others. He is not a serviceman who chases money. He wants to be the most wonderful actor in the nations of the world , not to make money.

I havent spoken to anyone at all, Prez said. Im a sidekick of Nasser and I have not spoken to him, or anyone. No one has sent us an render, for him[ Ronaldo] or Morata, or James. No one. And we have not transmit any offers for anyone, either. There is no figure[ for carries-over ], we do not contemplate anything right now other than carrying on with all the players we have, including James.

But, the interviewer insisted, would you force Ronaldo to stay? Prez responded: Tell me talk to Cristiano Ronaldo, I have a good relationship with him and we have got on well for eight years. I have to speak to him to know, when the Confederations Cup ceases. Im not going to go there[ to Russia] to talk to him. Im not entertaining him leaving Madrid at the moment.

Asked about Morata, with whom Manchester United ought to have negotiating, Prez said: In principle, we dont miss anyone to travel. No one has offered anything. Not for James , not for Morata , not for me. At least make him enjoy his honeymoon. Whatever we have to do has to be at the given moment. No one wants him to go. Were joyous with him, hes a Madrid player and in principle are very happy with him. No one has offered us anything for him. I have spoken $75 m,[ but] Im not contemplating it.