From street foods to bask, colorful sea-coasts to relax at and cool cities to explore, its been another time of exploring “the worlds”. Here, we pick our favourite floors of its first year. Inform: contains holiday tales gone wrong!

Europe’s hidden seashores: Costa de Prata, Portugal

For an experience of Portugal away from the droves of sightseers that got to go every summer, we headed to its center seashore, where the Atlantic bellows into empty beaches rowed with luscious seafood restaurants.

Portugal’s Centro region is astounding. It’s between Lisbon and Porto, thus easy to get to and easy to get around. It has matchless beaches, a fund of lovely historic towns and villages, and endlessly delightful people. The pristine coastline, scopes and skies go on eternally. Yet there’s almost nobody here …

20 enormous UK gaits with taverns, chosen by nature columnists

Railway viaduct over the river Nidd at Knaresborough

For what was one of our most popular boasts this year, we asked novelists to share their favourite goes to get you outdoors this autumn and winter- the only ailment? Every saunter must include a saloon.

Autumn’s true majesties are known through trees: the turning of buds from greens to fiery yellow-bellieds and cherry-reds; the wine-black clusters of berries and nuts on drooping divisions; the musty smell of leaf litter as gibes of sun fleck the damp earth.
From Nidd Gorge, North Yorkshire entry

Unhappy Valentines: nostalgic vacation cataclysms

Photograph: Alamy

From a bone-breaking encounter with a red-hot Greek waiter, to unrequited ardour in Anglesey, Wales, we requested columnists to share their heartbreaking, toe-curling and unpleasant, travel fails.

I proposed in Angkor Wat at dawn on my girlfriend’s birthday. We decided to celebrate by going on an early- pre-marriage- honeymoon to Luang Prabang. We’d save on the airfares if we did it now, I argued. We drifted around the gilded wats and the colonial villa of the ancient Laos capital for a got a couple of dates in a fug of adore. Then …
From There were three in the bottom … enter

Bogota, Colombia’s banging capital

Photograph: Christian Heeb/ Getty Images

In a city where the thoroughfares in bowling alleys are fastened with gunpowder, columnist Vicky Baker travelled to Bogota to experience a nightlife background that pictures you bouncing between draw sororities and preserve saloons, beer garden to basement dive saloons to a soundtrack of rock, salsa and cumbia.

I suffered my first tejo tournament on a trip to Bogota, after calling on Andres Martinez, a musician with electro-cumbia banding Monareta, to show me some highlightings of his hometown. It turned out to be one of best available nighttimes I have ever had in an unknown city.

How paella got punked- and the Valencian chefs trying to save it


Author Matt Goulding had sworn off chewing paella but after years of snacking underwhelming helpings of the classic Spanish recipe, he traveled to Valencia to discover how it’s done right.

Paella wasn’t the result of a singular creation from an inspired concoct, but a slow growth of necessity and adaptation, a convergence of land and biography and circumstance.

Beara of glad surges: south-west Ireland’s other great promontory

Photograph: Alamy

It may not be the most popular angle of south-west Ireland but Philip Watson inspected the remote Beara peninsular regardles, seeing a beautiful, rugged traveling gem with stone circles and cosy bars.

The vast majority of tourists head out to foodie West Cork, loop round the famed Ring of Kerry, or strike out for Dingle and its resident dolphin. They bypass, however, the best fragment in between: the beautiful Beara peninsula, Ireland’s foremost veiled hurtle gem.

Portland city guide: what to see plus the best hotels, prohibits and restaurants

Sunset over the Portland, Oregon Old Town sign in downtown Portland. Photo: Alamy

Our guide to the hip( too hip !?) West Coast city, where you can indulge in spate of arts and alternative culture in between breakfast, brunch, lunch and street meat.

Undiscovered south-east Asia: remote towns and secret beaches

Photograph: Edmund Lowe Photography/ Getty Images

With tips from Vietnam’s islands to central Laos, we requested columnists to share their favourite blots across sout-east Asia to help you discover the veiled treasures that could draw your next escape.

Nan province is rich in natural allure, as its national parks can authenticate. Arguably the most famous national park- Doi Khu Pha- gives the province’s highest mountain and a smattering of hamlets peculiarity the Mien, Lu, Hmong and Htin tribes: ethnic groups uncommon in other regions of Thailand.

Canada’s Haida Gwaii archipelago: kayaking to the edge “of the worlds”