Image copyright SHUTTERSTOCK Image caption Duck for the droning, darling!

Three or four dress changes, a bevy of bridesmaids, photos taken by droning and its own #weddinghashtag.

The modern wed will start to take on the ogle of a cras “arms race”, a lifestyle publication has counselled.

Country Life has urged people to rein it in a bit – mentioning bridals, and their constant cataloguing on visual social media, may set pairs under pressure to invest big.

They also residence guests under duress to pay for the hen-do; the stag weekend; the working day itself; a present or honeymoon contribution; and a new outfit.

“The whole circumstance has gone rather out of hand, ” editor Mark Hedges sees.

Figures from the closing of the 2016 wed season gave the average cost of the UK wedding at 27,000 and that rises to 38,000 in London.

Website Bridebook looked at 20,000 UK weddings and learnt 4% of those held in the south-east of England cost more than 100,000.

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