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Fundraising Page Lay out For American Tourist Who Died During Honeymoon


The friends of an American newlywed who died in a car disintegrate while going out to look at the stars during his New Zealand honeymoon have set up a fundraising page for his grieving wife.

Tragically, my best friend, teammate, son, brother, and newlywed Doug Dietz was taken from us too soon this week, the page speaks.

Dietz was killed on Sept. 29 in Martinborough. Police said the 29 -year-old left his hotel around 8 or 9 p. m. to be addressed by the stars, driving along a gravel street that neighbourhoods described as dangerous and restricted, the New Zealand Herald reports.

His wife, Kathleen, reported him missing after he did not come home by 3 a.m. Later that morning, the couples rental auto was received crashed in a gully. Dietz was not wearing a seatbelt at the moment of its clang, examiners said.

“I wouldn’t crave anybody to have this happen to them, but to be a tourist, and a tourist on their honeymoon, it becomes it even worse, South Wairarapa Mayor Adrienne Staples told the newspaper.

Diitz had just started a new job in Washington , D.C ., and he and his wife were settling in to a new house they bought the beginning of this year in Alexandria, Va ., the GoFundMe page says.

The page also states that Dietz played on a Congressional Softball League team, and that the team would change its refer from the Southern Wizard to Dougs Southern Aces.

The U.S. delegation contacted out to relatives, a spokeswoman told the New Zealand Herald.


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