Image copyright Eddie Mitchell Image caption The drone was discerned soon after 17:00 GMT

A further drone sighting had once again interrupted the UK’s second biggest airfield, with flights sanded and passengers unable to fly.

Aircraft were left circling above the sphere during the latest notify, which came at about 17:10 GMT. Flights resumed less than 90 minutes later.

A spokeswoman for international airports said here expulsion was merely as a precaution.

She said armed measures had been put in place that made the information was safe to reopen.

Latest informs ‘Desperately are seeking to get back’ Chernobyl children territory at Gatwick for Christmas Image caption Passengers were left waiting in the departure neighborhoods Image caption Airport directors said 120,000 people due to arrive or move had not been able to travel since Wednesday Image caption Nikkita Sartori-Sigrist and Oliver Vaff were flying to Cologne Image caption Sussex Police were called in after a further monotone was realized Image caption Flights resumed earlier but fares still had to wait


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