Image copyright PA Image caption Flights were brought to a stoppage after dronings were considered over the airfield on Wednesday and Thursday

Gatwick’s runway has reopened after dronings stimulated the airport to shut down for more than a day.

The airport, the UK’s second busiest, said 837 flights were planned but there were postpones and cancellations.

Boss Chris Woodroofe said “mitigating measures” from national governments and military had given him “confidence to reopen”.

The drone operator is still at large and police said it was possible they were an environmental activist.

The airport will likely be “back to normal” following completion of Saturday.

Gatwick Airport – live updates Image caption The first flights were Norwegian Air, Easyjet and BA leavings and a China Eastern Airlines arrival Image caption Extra “mitigating measures” from the governmental forces, police and military have allowed Gatwick to reopen Drones, sighs and can’t-get-homes Drones ruin honeymoon and ‘final’ granny journey How can a drone cause so much chaos ? Gatwick Airport disruption: Your claims Media captionThe first aircraft to leave Gatwick since Wednesday was obliged for Lapland Image caption Smiles returned to some passengers’ faces today as they were finally be permitted to get away Image caption Passengers have faced long waits inside the airport’s terminal


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