Image: YouTube

Nowhere is safe now that drones are moving about not even church.

What seemed like innocent aerial views of a religion in Tver, Russia, turned out to be a birds-eye-view of a naughty duet attempting to attract a public quickie on top of the church’s steeple before someone else came to check out the view.

At firstly the footage looks like some very normal tourist shots.

Image: YouTube

But a closer watch divulges a most intimate act.

Image: Youtube

At the end of the clip, a gentleman wearing a knapsack participates the steeple and interrupts the fun, so it seems as if the drone isn’t the only one who inadvertently checked out the action.

Image: YouTube

Of course, this all could be some brilliant sell stunt, but we’ll let you decide if you want to check out the full time here.

Naturally, this isn’t the only era a monotone interrupted someone’s private era. Last-place summer, a monotone in Rhode Island captured a gentleman attempting to take a nap on top of a air turbine.

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