For numerous girls, your wedding day is one that youve dreamed of your entire life. The emblazons have been decided, the location has been scouted and your Pinterest board has been plastered with everything that could possibly constitute the perfect wedding.

Of course, when it all come to it, its not a detailed description of the day that matter, but the actual sanctification of wedding: two becoming one.

If you ask any bride, the most memorable instants are the details that werent carefully plannedbut happened by coincidence or surprise.

That was certainly the subject for Jefferson and Jessica.

The Portuguese couple tied the bow in a beautiful wedding ceremony that would leave anyone experiencing emotional. But when it is a matter time to exchange swears, things took a stunning turn.

Jefferson began reading his devotes, but then told Jessica that he enjoyed somebody else.


The groom turned to another girl in the bridal partyJessicas eight-year-old daughter, Giovanna.

Jessica wasnt the only being Jefferson was vowing to passion, shield, care for and be faithful to for the rest of his epoches. Marrying his bride entailed being all of those things to Giovanna as well.


“If I could ask God anything, it would be to have you as two daughters, he said to Giovanna after sharing his dedicates with Jessica. I would be the proudest father-god in the world to have such a beautiful, intelligent and educated daughter looks just like you, ”

As you can imagine, there was not a dry attention in the roomincluding those of the bride, groom and the little noblewoman being rained by her step-dad’slove.

Jefferson committed himself and his love to Giovanna in a similar way he did to her momma, leaving this lucky 8-year-old grinning from ear-to-ear.


“I likewise give you love, my affection, to take care of you, to always protect you and to not make anything bad to happen to you.”

Jeffersons gesture is one full of the emotion and love that cant be planned because its sincere, raw and real.


I have no doubt that Jessicas uniting epoch was better than anything she could have ever imagined, because its the smallest minutes in life that draw “the worlds largest” hoarded memories.


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