This is so random … but too so wonderful!

Vanderpump Rules starrings Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are doing things BIG for their lavish Kentucky wedding ceremony — but at least one sad lineage issue has forced them to alter one last-minute thing about their wedding … and we candidly never saw this one coming!

According to E! News ,

The source followed that up with more info on Lisa’s situation, more , noting that it is still possible the reality TV head honcho could return to the United Country in time for the marriage itself — but likely that she’ll be in no position to officiate as she’ll” understandably need time to heal after the challenging loss” of her mother.

Sources uncovered more about that to E! News ( below ):

” Lisa is an incredibly strong woman, and she will return to Vanderpump Rules , her the enterprises and her charity wreak, but she knows she needs to take a step back for the moment and sorrow .”


Here’s hoping everything goes off without a hitch back in Kentucky when Jax and Brittany say ” I do ,” and everyone in attendance gets to celebrate the enjoy they have for each other!

So enormous !!!

[ Image via Instagram ]

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