Hailey Bieber knows it’s never a bad time to get in good with the in-laws!

The 22 -year-old love of Justin Bieber required in order to Instagram over the weekend to publicly and openly provide comments on the Biebs’ 44 -year-old mom Pattie Mallette ‘ s sheet, flattering her mother-in-law with a series of nice kudoes!

Late Friday night, Mallette posted a series of selfies to her IG page for the whole world to see, including you right here( below ):

Add to that the fact that Hailey and Justin are reportedly planning a major( second) uniting at some time in the near future, and it realizes some sense that the 22 -year-old model wants to continue to stay on her mother-in-law’s good side. The two families will be coming together soon enough again … no such thing as being TOO sure that things will go off smoothly and without a hitch!

Anyways, what about y’all, Perezcious readers ?! What do U think of Hailey’s move to make nice with the Biebs’ mommy ?? Total brown-nosing, or smooth move to get in on the in-laws’ good side ?? Or … maybe a little bit of both ?!

We’d love to hear from you about all this, and then some — don’t be shy , now! Sound off about all of that and more in the comment section( below )!!!

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