Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are still mourn the abrupt, lamentable loss of their puppy — the Alaskan Klee Kai Waldo

According to enforcement actions roots in NYC who spoke about the incident to TMZ on Sunday, the move who hit and killed Waldo apparently left the scene without ever stopping or leaving any knowledge — which is a TERRIBLE thing to do. But, here’s the kicker: it’s not a crime to do so, because the driver apparently did not intentionally stumbled the dog. The occurrence is currently being viewed as an accident and the dog itself is merely considered property.

As you’ll recall, the dog was apparently scared by a pedestrian on a street corner, and it separated free of its leash and ran out into the street hurriedly. The operator did not intentionally seem to affected the dog on purpose, and so it’s simply a ghastly accident going well. Joe and Sophie may be able to sue for mars or something in civil courtroom, if they pick, but there’s nothing criminally incorrect or careles at this point with the driver’s acts, are in accordance with sources.

Even the fact that the operator never stopped is not a criminal act in and of itself; while harsh, enforcement actions beginnings point out that moves in NYC often thumped animals and don’t realize they’ve done so because the” hubbub and flurry of a big city oftentimes allows for such situations .” Seems like an, um, interesting excuse for it, but nevertheless, here we are.

Joe and Sophie did file a report several days after the dog’s death, though roots say even that was not a criminal report — it was simply an accident report, first filed with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. That leaves the door open for the pair to potentially haunt a civil claim against the motorist — who has yet to even be identified, BTW — but beyond emotional distress it’s unclear what else the far-famed duet used to justify in this setting.

Regardless, the entire thing is just unbelievably heartbreaking all the countries of. We still can’t believe good Waldo was hit and killed, and Sophie and Joe must now deal with the tragic aftermath. Ugh … Sad, sad stuff.

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