A brand-new documentary provides an opportunity to drawing the untold story of Curious George’s creators–and their boldnes escape from Nazi-occupied France–to life.”>

As German Jews spending their four-week revolved four-year honeymoon in Paris, Hans and Margret Rey knew they were in disturbance. It was June of 1940, and with Hitlers units rapidly approaching and cannon fire audible from the outskirts of the city, they were amongst the millions of refugees trying to flee south. There were no more qualifies; they didnt own a auto. Hans hastened over to a bicycle accumulate, but the only thing left was a tandem bicycle. This was not going to work for Margaret, whose indulgence for impractical events was minimal, even on a ordinary epoch. It took no longer than two minutes on their test move before she lost her fortitude: I am not travelling this with you, Hans! Come up with some other channel. That night, Hans became a magical bicycle creator as he cobbled together spare parts to stir two separate bicycles. Along with a few essays of clothe, Margret packed up their lifes work unpublished manuscripts of the rights of children books, including one particularly special notebook Fifi: The Adventures of a Monkey .

The next morning, the Reys took off exactly 48 hours before the Nazi units rallied into Paris, joining the five million other refugees on the streets of France. They slept in barns and on storeys of restaurants, precisely ahead of the German bombings. Ultimately, they came here across operating instructs. Thanks to the advance check they had received from a French publisher for Fifi , they could render all the necessary travel documents to escape. When a checkpoint officer became suspicious of their dense German accents, it was the manuscripts that convinced him to tell them through. Saved by their own creationa carefree, irresistibly cute monkeythe Reys guided through Lisbon and obliged it out of Europe to Brazil, eventually arrived here New York. One year later, in the autumn of 1941, Fifi: The Adventures of a Monkey was published under a new mention: Curious George .

Over the past 75 years, Curious George has become a cultural icon, deep impacting the hearts and psyches of generations of children. Many of us find nostalgic withdrawing the sense of adventure we experienced through George as a child, and we hanker as adults for the fortitude The Man with the Yellow Hat displays to George over and over again. The journal franchise “ve sold” over 75 million emulates in 19 communications, and in recent years George has leapt off the book pages to star in movies, TV-shows, and theme park trips. Yet despite our tendernes for George, few of us know the immense imageries that produced the widely beloved monkey.

Hans Rey, known to many as H. A. Rey, was a dreamer and a genius who spoke seven languages. His interest expanded into wide areas of insight, including ideology, renewable energy, and astronomy. As a soldier in The first world war, he spent nights gazing at the stars, redrawing the constellations to attain them easier to mark in the night sky. His work, The Starrings: A New Way to Find Them , stands popular today, although few obligate the connection that the same soul caused Curious George.

By sharp differentiate, Margret was known to be blunt and insulting, with no perseverance for folly. Ironically as a childrens journal novelist, she did not obscure her shortage of fondness for children. When would like to know whether she talked to children for minds, she boasted No! Why should be used? We couldnt learn anything from them. Perhaps she was too much of such children herself: unstoppable and unafraid.

Together, Hans and Margret made quite a team. Hans exemplified, while Margret wrote the words and took care of the business goal. While Hans might have been content spending his entire life depicting for his own solace and gazing at the stars, it was Margret who drove Hans to make his imaginative vision to use. In this household, I make all the big decisions, and Margret moves the small decisions, Hans used to say. There have not been any big decisions since weve been married.

Even before their surprising exodus from Paris, the Reys lives were full of adventure. Initially from Hamburg, Germany, they first congregated when Hans was dating Margrets older sister. After returning from The first world war, Hans took a undertaking in Rio de Janeiro importing and exporting lavatory fixtures. Years afterwards, having received information that Hans was squandering his artistic knacks, Margret decided to travel to Rio, marry him, and start partnership agreements doing something inventive. Their seam speculation in advertising inadvertently preceded them to start writing kids journals when a giraffe suck of Hanss caught the eye of a publishing corporation in Paris. Needing the money and with no reason to refuse, Hans and Margret established their first babies book, Rafi et Les 9 Singes ( afterward are presented in English as Cecily G and the Nine Monkeys ). For a sequel, the Reys peculiarity a very young of the nine monkeys, Fifi subsequently renamed George.

In the springtime of 2014, I was introduced to the Reys story through join Ms. Lay Lee Ong, the literary executor of the Rey Estate. Listening repeatedly to a radio interview from 1966, I immediately observed their foreign accents, alternative of words, and how they took cues from each other in conference, as though they could speak each others brains. I had no image of the Curious George creators, but what I heard was certainly not what I expected. Whoever could have imagined them to have such a multicultural background as migrants, let alone refugees? I started on my own adventurous jaunt to make a mixed-media documentary about their life.

With a deepen refugee crisis and aggravated anti-immigrant rhetoric across the globe, the Reys story has already become accidentally more relevant in the two years I have been moving the documentary. The Reys accompanied the United States as a district of freedom and possibility, and proudly grew American citizens in 1945. Like many others in their generation, they left behind wartime knows, and is not simply existed but thrived here. The Reys refugee storey has a happy purposing, and represent the American fantasy at its best.

Perhaps because I juggled different cultural macrocosms as a child, what has remained with me as an adult is a sense of duty as a global citizen. Both as a person and as a novelist, I want to be like the Reys, who were always curious and gutsy, and whose gift continues to make a world-wide impact.

Margret described Curious George as a monkey who, through his curiosity, get himself into hassle, and through his own ingenuity goes himself out of hassle. She could have been describing the Reys& apos; themselves. Time and time again they encountered difficult situations, only to turn instants of hopelessnes into hope. The Reys outlook on life allowed them to personify the best of humanity, and also experience the best in humanity. Even when confronted by some of the darkest coerces in modern biography, they discovered a road to call life an adventure. Through their own flair and resilient spirit, they opened the world the endow of a cute little monkey with the same attribute peculiarities. Who the Reys were is why we have George. And now I& apos; m on a mission to share their story.

Ema Ryan Yamazaki is in the final stages of completing her mixed-media Curious George Documentary, MONKEY BUSINESS. To get a sneak peek of Emas MONKEY BUSINESS and how you can help her squad invoke $175 K to accomplished the film, visit the film’s Kickstarter page .


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