Starz bodice-ripper is a hit for the network and among its mostly female love base. Heres everything you need to know to get in on the time-traveling actionObviously, spoilers abound

It has been nominated for a batch of Golden Globes, it has prevailed a Critics Choice Television award for most exciting brand-new series, and it is watched by about five million impossibly devoted love a week. But somehow, Outlander still feels like an underdog.

That might be because its purported squarely at wives, which makes it hard for some jerkings to take it gravely. They truly should. Part-romance, part-sci-fi epic, part-action adventure, there is nothing on TV fairlies like Outlander.

But what if you didnt watch the first season and wishes to get in on all the time-traveling Scottish goodness? Dont worry, heres everything you need to know before carolling into the season two debut on Saturday at 9pm EST, on Starz.

Meet the shed

Claire Randall Fraser( Caitriona Balfe ): After the end of the second world war, in which Claire served as a nurse and her husband Frank was an officer, the two are reunited on a second honeymoon in the Scottish highlands, so Frank can study his pedigree.

Claire trips Craigh na Dun, a collect of craggy stones where idolatrous habits were held. Miraculously, she is teleported from 1945 to 1743. There, she winds up in the middle of a kerfuffle between British soldiers and some clansmen, who take Claire captive and create her back to their palace. There she falls in love with Jamie Fraser, a gorgeous Scot with blood-red hair and a rippling body. She weds him, for her own armour, though shes still married to Frank back home in 1945.

Jamie and Claire set out on a host of escapades as they try to stop the nascent Jacobite rebellion that will lead to a clash with the British that will eradicate the tribes way of life. Claire is a little bit of a drunkard and is certainly difficult, letting her strong beliefs change many beings off her. However, shes frequently right.

Jamie Fraser ( Sam Heughan ): The biggest stud in the highlands, Jamie has a checkered past. He led afoul of Black Jack Randall, the dominating British officer of the domain, who Jamie tried to prevent from crimes his sister( and later Claire ). Hes in hiding with clan MacKenzie but immediately encounters himself deep in love with Claire and willing to do anything for her, even devote unspeakable numbers. Jamie is proud and strong, but ever objective up crouching to Claires will.

Frank Randall/ Black Jack Randall( Tobias Menzies ): In 1945, Frank is Claires attending husband, racked with shame after her departure, refusing to give up hope that she is alive and has not left him for another man. Back in 1743, Black Jack is a sadistic sociopath intent on thrusting himself, quite literally, on any Scot that intersects him. He actually desires to abuse. When Jamie frustrates Randalls conquest of his sister, Black Jack becomes fixated on Jamie. He whips him within an inch of his life because he refuses to be used as a sex objective.

Colum MacKenzie( Gary Lewis ): The laird of lineage MacKenzie takes a shine to Claire because she is able to use modern medical techniques to ease his suffering from a hereditary birth defect.

Dougal MacKenzie( Graham McTavish ): Colums brother and the leader of the MacKenzie armies, Dougal bids he were in charge of the faction. On several occasions he makes unwanted betterments toward Claire. Unbeknownst to his brother, he is raising fund financing the Jacobite rebellion, which his brother opposes.

Murtagh Fitzgibbons( Duncan Lacroix ): Jamies godfather, who pledged to Jamies mother that he would protect her son. He is like Jamies best friend, get him out of the countless scratches he feels himself in.

The storey so far

The thing about Outlander is that there are a lot of incidents that have little accomplish on the narration as a whole. At one point, Claire and her alone female acquaintance are tried as witches, but they are exonerated( after two occurrences) and we never hear of it again. It just forces Claire and Jamie to return to the Fraser ancestral home( again for two chapters) before leaving again.

Most everything you need to know is about Claire and Jamies relationship. When she first arrives in the past, Claire is loyal to her husband and repudiates her perceives for Jamie. Nonetheless, when she pisses off Black Jack Randall( because she wont tell him abuse her ), Jamie marriage her. If Claire is married to a Scot, Jack has no law recourse against her because she is no longer one of his monarches topics.

Eventually, finds bloom and Claire and Jamie have all sorts of steamy sex in all sorts of romantic spots. Jamie takes Claire back to Craigh na Dun so she knows how return to her native meter, but she decides to stay in the past.

After the witchcraft ordeal and the return to Jamies ancestral dwelling, Jamie goes involved in a plan to screw over some British troops and is once again captured by Black Jack Randall. Claire and his sidekicks break into a prison to save him, but Claire is captivated. Jamie stands himself to be raped by Randall( in an fantastically graphic and torturous incident ), so Claire can have her impunity. They once again break into the prison to free him, injuring and perhaps killing Randall in the process.

Now on the run from different kinds of British troops, Jamie and Claire take off for France, where Claire has some ancient relations, in the hope of finding a way to reform such courses of history and establish the Jacobite rebellion a success. Likewise, as they are about to cross the Channel, Claire tells Jamie she is pregnant.

The second season starts with the two of them landing on foreign coasts, along with Murtagh, and leaving most of the other Scots behind, in order to encounter a whole new cast of characters in the French court. There will be more amazing dress, swoon-worthy copulation vistums and palace plot, so it will be like you missed good-for-nothing at all.


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