Figuring out the perfect evening makeup gaze isn’t always easy , no matter your age. Nonetheless, having a routine in place that the project works as you grow older will save you lots of duration when glamming up for a wedding ceremony, graduation defendant or any fabulous affair.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge shares her secrets to elegant night makeup in this video tutorial. Inspired by Italian actress and simulate Isabella Rossellini‘s look at Lancome‘s 80 th Anniversary Party in Paris, Eldridge testifies that women over 50 can draw away a luminous pink cheek. The stunt: utilizing a small concealer brushing to relate thin blankets of lipstick in sweeping gestures, in accordance with the natural influence of your lips. Then, outline with a lip pencil to help create the apparition of a plumper pout.

Watch the makeup tutorial above for the steps behind this simple evening makeup gaze, including how primer works to prevent eye makeup from pleating into fine boundaries and the method used to mixing dark-brown and grey-headed pulverizations to fill in sparse eyebrows.

Get ready to turn managers at all those glamorous occasions you’ve RSVP’d to attend!


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