Andy Grandmottet-Shaw, 51, and her husband, Yves, 49, is in conformity with 1996 after a dispute about some raucou music. They live in Porto and have one daughter

Andy firstly clapped seeings on Yves in 1996, when they were living in the same block of apartments in Newcastle.” Someone used to play this raucou, terrible music and my lover presumed it was him ,” says Andy.” I used to bang on the ceiling screaming:’ Shut up, you French wanker !'” Yves chortles.” Yes, she just assumed it was me. Blame the French party .”

But it turned out he wasn’t held accountable for the interference. The pair lastly matched properly when Andy’s then-boyfriend invited Yves round for a booze.” There was clearly some strain there ,” says Yves. “Yes,” Andy concurs.” Major sexual friction !”

Before long, Yves went to Nottingham for work, while Andy stayed in Newcastle to continue her “bachelors degree”. By the time he returned after Christmas, Andy and her lover had split up.” He was a lovely guy, but we didn’t have anything in common .”

In a canny plan to meet her French neighbour again, she declined round to his flat to ask if he could change a lightbulb for her. Then she invited him to join her and a friend for dinner.” My poor friend went home early ,” she remembers.” We just gazed at one another all nighttime .” Yves adds that there was a lot of” drunken snogging “.

“Yes,” says Andy.” But I sent you home afterwards .”

The couple squander the next two weeks together, before Yves announced that he was moving to Nottingham for act. They decided to keep their arrangement casual.” You told me it was fine to see other people ,” says Yves.

“Yeah,” Andy agrees.” I didn’t really aim it, though !”

One day, Andy went to meet Yves in Nottingham.” I was apprehensive ,” she withdraws.” I’m litter with faces and couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like .” She needn’t have worried.” When we met in town? Wow! That was the best kiss ever .”

Still, at this part, neither was looking for a serious relationship.” He was all heartbroken over another girl, saying:’ I’ll never passion again .'” But they continued to see each other after Yves moved to London a few months later.” I used to drive from work late at night to come and envision her ,” he remembers.” One experience, I pointed up sleeping in the car. I rang the doorbell at 2am, but she didn’t wake up because she was drunk .”

Andy titters.” Yeah, I probably was. I think it affected me that you’d sleep in the car .”

By the end of 1997, they were officially a pair and Yves moved in with Andy. It is fair to say it didn’t proceed smoothly at first.” He “ve lost my” cat. I told him not to leave the window open .” Although she was ” furious”, she eventually forgave him. The duo decided to get married in 1999.” He’s so handsome and such a charmer ,” Andy says.” We bicker, but it’s from a neighbourhood of humour and we have the same sensibilities at our core .” Yves says their relationship has become stronger over occasion.” At the start, it was all drink, laugh and lust. I think we bid on laugh and took a chance .” He doesn’t think they bicker that much.

” What about the honeymoon contends ?” says Andy. “Oh yeah.” Yves laughs, recollecting one happen when they had been fighting in the car.” I thought it would be funny to move the car while she was in the petrol station shop .” Andy, who didn’t realise, get in to someone else’s car and started wailing at the man in the driver’s seat.” That good Spanish bloke didn’t know what hit him !”

In 2003, the couple moved to Portugal; they have since faced many difficult period together, including bereavement and Yves’ battle with an aggressive cancer. He is better after care but it was a scary time.

” I don’t think anyone who watched us on that honeymoon would think we’d still be together 20 years later ,” says Andy.” He manufactures me whole, though, as cliched as it dins. He’s funny, pestering -”

” I’m not annoying ,” interrupts Yves.

” You obviously are. But you shape me a better party. I know I can be -”

” Arsey? Short-tempered ?” They laugh again.” Andy represents me a better party, extremely ,” says Yves.” I couldn’t be without her .”

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