Image copyright Paul Crouch Image caption The UK has sent food and solar lamps to disaster-hit islands

Five hundred British troops have been sent to the Caribbean to distribute aid and secure UK provinces hit by Hurricane Irma.

The relief operation was “well under way”, the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said.

Five beings died in the British Virgin Islands as the purposes of the hurricane.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the government was working with US authorities to ensure Britons were protected as Irma approaches Florida.

But the Foreign office has advised British citizens to make their own contingency plans because its ability to provide assistance to those affected may be “extremely limited”.

Irma is expected to strengthen formerly it moves away from Cuba and is due to reach Florida on Sunday.

Britain’s initial response to the typhoon was said to have been “found wanting” by the heads of two parliamentary committees on Friday.

Sir Michael said the government was “stepping up our effort” by communicating up to three additional assistance airplanes a day to the Caribbean.

Hundreds of British units will help secure UK overseas territories after “unconfirmed reports of looting”, he added.

Policemen have been sent to Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands( BVI) to help maintain order.

Sir Michael said that while chairing a meet of Cobra, the UK’s emergency response committee, the governor of the BVI had confirmed it had reopened an airfield, earmarking airliners to land.

How the British Virgin Islands look now A visual template to Hurricane Irma Briton in Cuba on ‘honeymoon from hell’ Image caption Marines and other military personnel have joined the succor activity Image caption The British Virgin Islands ought to have devastated by Irma Powerful Hurricane Irma strikes Cuba What are the UK’s commitments to its overseas territories ? Image caption A Royal Navy helicopter gives a ton of liquid after the typhoon destroyed affords Anguilla: Hit by the full blast of the hurricane on Wednesday. At least one demise reported. Hit by the full blast of the hurricane on Wednesday. At least one fatality reported. British Virgin Islands: At least five people have died. Expected to require extended humanitarian activities. At least five people have died. Expected to involve extensive humanitarian activities. Montserrat: “Swiped” by Irma but lost less serious damage. “Swiped” by Irma but lost less serious damage. Turks and Caicos: Battered by the hurricane on Thursday evening, with roofs ripped off, streets flooded, practicality poles snapped and a widespread black-out on the primary island of Grand Turk. Image caption A British Royal Logistics Corps Mexflote arrives in Anguilla to help with the relief endeavour


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