Marriage isn’t easy and everyone one of us heard the saying’ marriage is work’ at least once. And yes, once the honeymoon theatre is over, it’s not so easy to maintain a fulfil and wholesome relationship, but there must be certain red flag that plainly show that such relationships isn’t running the direction it should be. If so, what are those red flags? Is need of fiction and friendship a red flag? What about a passive-aggressive exceed spreadsheet exposing all of the working day you refused to sleep with your marriage?

One wife took social media to share a letter she received from her husband before leaving on a design trip

Image credits: Sophia Louise( not the actual photo )

The excel sheet he affixed displayed all the times he was trying to be intimate with her but she refused

This post quickly received a lot of attention online with beings having all sorts of various types of reactions to it.

While some were not in the mood to substantiate its husband

Other’s tried to find a solution to their problem

And some were in the complete substantiate of the husband