Hundreds of duos tie the knot after parliament became the first in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage

After decades of campaigning and waiting, Taiwan has welcomed millions of same-sex couples as they activity their brand-new legal rights to tie the knot.

Dozens of reporters and photographers replenished a registry power in Taipei on Friday waiting to capture the moment when the self-ruled island became the first country in Asia to legalise homosexual marriage.

Marc Yuan and Shane Lin were the first to sign their wedding certificate under the gaze of the legendary Taiwanese LGBTQ rights activist, Chi Chia-wei.

The couple, who had waited 12 years for the law to change, “says hes” felt fortunate to be able to celebrate their union.

” It has been a striking achievement for Taiwan’s same-sex marriage progress, and I feel luck to have the praises from your best friend and family ,” said Lin.

Gay and lesbian newlyweds constitute for group photo at a pro same-sex marriage party after registering their matrimonies in Taipei. Photograph: Tyrone Siu/ Reuters

” I still remember how I tried to hide the rainbow pennant after I attended the firstly gay pride procession in Taipei over ten years ago. But today, I am able to openly tell the world through these cameras that I’m gay and I’m getting married. I felt really fortunate .”

Xue Chen and Antonia Chen organised their bridal in 2009, but had to endure a long wait to introduced the plans into action.

” Even though the entire enrollment only takes three minutes, I can’t stop thinking about what we went through over the past few decades, and how long it has been since Taiwan’s LGBTQ activists firstly started campaigning for wedding equality ,” said Chen.

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#Taiwan famed lgbt activist Chi Chia-wei signeds firstly same-sex marriage certificate in Asia using pen endowed by President Tsai to recognize the historic occasion 1NseU5y5RP

May 24, 2019

” When I firstly satisfied Antonia, I knew I would marry her one day, but that was only a wishing. Today, my want has finally come true and today’s registration will allow us to certify our claim to enjoy who we desire until the end of “peoples lives” .”

Chi Chia-wei, garmented in his signature red coat decorated with rainbow countenances, told the Guardian that while same-sex marriage should have happened 10 to 20 years ago, “its still” enormous to witness so many same-sex duos being able to exercise their rights.


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