On June 6, 1998, Sex and the City premiered on HBO.

Twenty years later, I learned that someone I work with self-identifies as Berger, the man who infamously dumped Carrie Bradshaw via post-coital Post-it note. I also learned that you shouldn’t ask your entire agency which Fornication and the City attribute the objective is unless you want to be completely amazed by the people you work with every day and start to question if you can ever genuinely know anyone at all.

I couldn’t help but amaze, in this year of our future superintendent Cynthia Nixon 2018, why people weren’t more abashed to out themselves as a Carrie. And to my co-workers who did not respond to me, or simply responded with the name of the character a BuzzFeed quiz ascribed them, in the immortal terms of Kim Cattrall:” We’ve never been friends. We’ve been peers .”

And for what it’s worth, I am Jenny Brier, the 13 -year-old played by Kat Dennings who hires Samantha to scheme her Bat Mitzvah.

Marlow Stern, Senior Entertainment Editor :

A part of me wants to say Dr. Robert Leeds, because we both love the New York Knicks–much to our own harm. And I’ve always detected Miranda was the most complex, real-to-New York character on the display, so I can see why he’d fall for her. But his reaction to being dropped for Steve was odd. So I’m just gonna go with Lexi Featherston, played by the splendid Kristen Johnson, who loudly complains,” New York is over. O-V-E-R. Over ,” before falling out a window during a party. I recollect all New Yorkers can associate.

Andrew Kirell, Senior Editor :

Andrew Kirell : I usurp we’re to picking from among simply the four extends, right?

Amy Zimmerman : Not at all! I’d be disillusioned if there wasn’t at least one Berger.

AK : Lol damn it that would’ve been my precise rebuttal, because 1) I simply adore Ron Livingston and his general manner, but 2) yeah, OK, he’s a scribe and fantastically sarcastic but good-natured. I pertain. Too, addendum to my answer: I like him because I’d dump Carrie too.

AZ : Mentioned. But would you drop her … with a Post-it?

AK : Hahaha, likely not. More likely some kinda long-winded, apologetic, self-deprecating speech that ends up with me rethinking the decision.

Tamara Best, Assistant Managing Editor :

This is so fun. I know which one I am but I’ll take the quiz first anyway.

Katie Baker, Managing Editor :

I &# x27; m either Charlotte or the little Jack Russell she brings dwelling for an episode in Season 2–the one that destroys all the plumage pillows and fees her designer bag.

Kelly Weill, Reporter :

I have never watched the substantiate and am unfamiliar with its reputations, but I assume someone had a fancy little bird-dog who rode around in a handbag. I would like to be the fancy dog.

Julia Arciga, Cheat Sheet Intern :

I adoration SATC , my mommy watched it when she was in her 20 s–and thus, it &# x27; s a nice institution or~ acquaintance~ we have. I’m a proud Miranda( per the BF quiz listed and many other BF quizzes ). I’ve always loved her smart-aleckies, aspiration, and her ability to keep it real with her friends–namely Carrie( acquiring them the ideal duo ). I’d like to think that both Miranda and I have the” tough charity” or” keep it real” aspect in common. I love-hate the dynamic between Carrie and Mr. Big–but Miranda is precisely an underappreciated cornerstone of the substantiate.

My mother, on the other hand, is a total Carrie.

Kamaron McNair, Editorial Assistant :

I consider myself a Carrie/ Samantha hybrid. I have Carrie’s sympathetic and psychological peculiarities, but Samantha’s independent and outspoken stance.

Justin Miller, Senior Editor :

Miranda, according to the Quiz.

Justin Miller a daytime later when I reminded the bureau to transport me reacts:

I did this. I am a Miranda.

Kate Briquelet, Senior Reporter :

A scrappy and financially averse novelist who rents–not owns–her suite? Check. Has a wardrobe of tutus,( faux) skin hairs, and eclectic etches? Check. Enjoys the company of emotionally unavailable men? Yup! Aside from a fondnes for Manolo Blahniks, I always identified with Carrie, the only one in the bunch who wasn’t born with a silver spoon. It was Sex and the City ( and, kill me, Annie Hall ) that induced this Midwest gal to literally take a Greyhound bus to New York City. But when I arrived, Cosmopolitans quickly went old-fashioned. And the big-hearted but ultra-cynical Miranda Hobbes took over. We are all Miranda.

Tom Sykes, Reporter :

Genuinely not a scoobie!

[ Author’s note : This is a British-ism for” I have no idea .”]

OK, perhaps I’m a Steve.

Awww !!!! Malia Griggs, Director of Social Media :

Miranda. I knew I was, took the quiz, and justified it. I live in New York, I wreak constantly, and I disdain most men. I’m virtually too busy to answer this question, but I was too amused to pass it up.

Natalia Winkelman, Entertainment Intern :

Miranda’s son, Brady Hobbes. Often sat silently at fancy brunch counters beside his mummy and the rest of the crew, Brady can also will find information substance his face with spaghetti or presenting a homemade mousetrap in his school discipline fair.

Mandy Velez, Social Media Editor :

This is fun. I took the quiz and it announces I am Miranda, but I took a second to confirm( I’m a journalist, after all) and it responded I’m a Carrie, so I ponder I’m a mixture of both. I’m a feminist and reinforcement female empowerment, I like to help your best friend solve their problems, and I affection my busines. Those are all things that Miranda, Carrie, and I have in common. I’m not afraid to tell people like it is like Miranda( I’m also known to yell at men who harass my friends while out) but I likewise have this charming line-up like Carrie( we’re both Libras, after all ). I think it’s a solid motley!

Tim Teeman, Senior Editor and Writer :

I am Miranda. I have always been Miranda. I will be Miranda when all else around me is turned to dust. Payed all the sappy, nonsensical events the scriptwriters give the women to say–

I have watched and continue to watch the see multiple times–it is only Miranda who is both funny and speaks feel. She’s the best friend who is the best container of cold water. She works, and cares about handiwork. She likes sexuality, and has copulation. But when she has sex with the most wonderful guys WHO AREN’T STEVE something terrible happens. Remember the really hot person, who was so red-hot that other women would check him out, to move to Miranda feeling so peril she got so rat-arse drunk she passed him off. I adore her pretending to be an breeze stewardess. I desire the occurrences where she is pregnant or with Brady, and Samantha is a cow, and the demo reflects on how a baby changes everything around you. I adore its relations with Magda, the cleanser who is really a replacement baby. I desire that she tells the truth to the other women, especially when she tells Carrie to get a control about going to Paris. On which theme: I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when she told Mr. Big to” extend get our daughter” in Paris, when Carrie was in Paris with abusive Petrovsky.

The girls should have gone to get their girlfriend. The see wholly deluded its feminist principles in those last episodes.

And Steve. Oh, Steve. I affection Miranda because of Steve, and I maybe like Miranda and Steve because of Miranda and Steve. David Eigenberg, who plays Steve, is the hottest soul in Sex and the City , with a lovely form we sometimes construe, all smooths and rugged and muscular. He seems good with good-for-nothing on, and he gazes hot in anything, especially his basketball robes. He’s beautiful. When Miranda and him are eventually on honeymoon, and Miranda is, like,” I’m in the middle of nowhere ,” this viewer was like:” Fine, Miranda, you come back to the city, I’ll take your home, adore. Talk about heedless. How and why would you ever turn away copulation with Steve ?”

But this is Miranda. In hold and flawed, entertaining, and understandably on the verge of meeting a sexually suggest treading hot dog. She handled that brilliantly, too.

Melissa Leon, Entertainment Editor :

Like any self-absorbed little shit in high school, I linked mostly with Carrie, though I also liked Charlotte because she was rich( aspirational) and kind of prudish( so was I ). It dawned on me while watching the depict as an adult, however, that Samantha Jones is an absolute hero. She’s often to minimise pranks about her sex drive; we get it, it’s funny when the status of women is open about missing sexuality. But Samantha was so much more, very! She was self-possessed, gallant, self-confident, independent, open-minded, unapologetic, and a really loyal friend–all qualities I aspire to.

I’m likely still simply a Carrie, though: a little immature, bad with fund, prone to fixations on the incorrect boys.( I am firmly anti-Big .) She likewise can’t cook or figure out computers, which exactly stimulates me feel realise, you know?

Noah Shachtman, Editor-in-Chief : I’ve never seen Sex and the City . But I’m quite positive I’m a Miranda. She’s the one who wants to fix the subways, right? Definitely Miranda. Asawin Suebsaeng, White House Reporter :

I am a Samantha. Don’t kink-shame.

Tanya Basu, Senior Editor, Science :

Sure, Carrie was the writer in New York whose professional life I technically aspired to. Samantha was the spunky gal who spoke her intellect, something I did more comfortably through my writing and saw admirable as a shy high schooler. And Charlotte–well, her prim frocks and needling were foreign to me, so I couldn’t fairly figure out how she worked into my alchemy.

But Miranda was the one who I absolutely personified and wanted to grow up to be( minus that whole advocate business ). Here was a woman whose luminous offend of short ruby-red whisker obligated her stand out even if she didn’t want to. The frizzy-haired Indian girl who disliked being the center of tending procured Miranda’s refreshing bluntness inspirational. She was practical, though: She didn’t care what her uppity friends said about her Brooklyn address and rolled her eyes any time they centered their brunch discussions around humen when truly, certainly there were far more important things to talk about and food to scarf down.

Miranda wore sneakers, befriended her housekeeper but too heightened her mind-set, was smart and snappy and could care less about how she was perceived by culture. In the world pre- #MeToo, she was a protagonist of the everyday, hardworking gal who just wanted to fight the good battle, bluntly yet kindly, thoughtfully with pizazz.

Kevin Fallon, Senior Entertainment Reporter :

I’m a Magda because I’m ferociously devoted to Cynthia Nixon and without me this whole activity would fall to shit.


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