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Also helping with the personal growing? Franco discontinued Instagram!

“It’s very liberating. I just got rid of it. When I firstly got to get, it just seemed silly. I treated it like it was a joke. You get in that spooky seductive seat where it suffers private, but it’s likewise public. And you get hooked on the reaction.”

That reaction passed him to be more and more provoking merely to interpret what would happen. Like when he infamously posted this nearly nude pic( below ):

Franco clarifies 😛 TAGEND

“I was test the fixes. It’s sort of the style I check beings like the Kardashians. They are staking out new ground and what these openings are. They are making a lot of coin off of it. What will happen if I do that? And you get actions. There was some photo I did. I wasn’t naked. I’m sure Rihanna has posted a cluster more risque photos. It was just the attitude of the photo. It was sweaty. My hand was in my boxers. It only searched gross. And I recollect Gucci replying,’ Don’t do any more photos like that.'”

It’s far from the most embarrassing situation he was never did. No, that would be the 2011 Oscars, in which he provided as multitude with Anne Hathaway.

“At the time I vindicated it to myself. ‘This will be an experiment. This will be weird.’ Part of me was so uncomfortable with the attention of the members of being nominated[ for 127 Hours ], but too fear of suffer, because everyone “re talking about” Colin Firth[ who did is to continue to prevail for The King’s Speech ]. “

Franco says he supposed hosting would give him something else to focus on and also allow him to look OK where reference is eventually lost.

“I mean, I shouldn’t have been doing it. Honestly, I belief the biggest disapproval of me, it seemed like I was high or low vitality. In my front, I was trying to be the straight man. I approximate I just went too far or originated across as the dead man.

Well, we don’t know if he’ll get any award adoration for his new role, but he def took it just as severely!

Video: Watch The Disaster Artist Trailer !

Franco describes the process for changing himself into the role of The Room actor-director-producer Tommy Wiseau 😛 TAGEND

“I had 2.5 hours of prosthetics. We used cheeks, because he has very severe cheekbones. A nose-piece not for the full snout but for the bridge. We did a little article on the eyelid, because he has a lazy seeing on one side. And blue contacts.”

He too transformed his mas to equal Wiseau’s “very strange muscularity” by doing 300 sit-ups and pushups a daylight and snacking only salad for lunch and dinner.

Sounds like Franco is saving his concealment wearing just for in front of the camera these days. And we can’t WAIT to see it!

The Disaster Artist smacks theaters Friday, December 1.

[ Image via Danielle Levit/ Variety/ Instagram/ New Line Cinema .]


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