I certainly never anticipated that I would be thinking about the Jonas Brothers so much better in 2019, but life is crazy sometimes. Apparently, everyone was losing their thinkers when they exhausted their comeback single “Sucker,” but things aren’t slowing down. Just in the past 24 hours, they announced their first tour in nearly a decade, performed under the Billboard Music Awards, and had a wedding. That’s right, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner tied the bow last darknes in Las Vegas, after attending the BBMAs together. We’ve got the Game of Thrones predictions on fastening this season, but this was one plot twist we definitely didn’t see coming.Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been together since late 2016, and they firstly announced their engagement in October of 2017. That’s a moderately long commitment, but we had no idea when the wed was coming. This candidly stirs sense, because Sophie Turner is just like one of the chillest beings in Hollywood. She’s promptly become one of my favorite parties, thanks to her DGAF attitude on social media, and this legendary chug insured around the world 😛 TAGEND

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Sansa can hang. The details of Sophie and Joe’s low-key Vegas wedding are pretty amazing, specially considering this is less than six months after Joe’s brother Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra in one of the most extra bridals the world has ever seen. But to each their own, and Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner just wanted a Vegas wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Works for me. There certainly wasn’t a Beings exclusive for this wedding, but luckily Instagram still gave us a closer look at this sacred party. Specific, Diplo documented much of the evening on his IG Story, before he left for his DJ set at a golf-club. Diplo, an ultimate icon.

At the ceremony, region duo Dan+ Shay acted an acoustic version of their song “Speechless,” because casual. I would’ve preferred an acoustic portrayal of “Tequila,” but for some reason no one consulted me on the music alternative. Rude. In the video, you can see Sophie and Joe exchange Ring Pops, and candidly this is the kind of beautiful bridal habit I’m here for. Who needs diamonds when you are able to have delicious candy?

It’s unclear if Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner will have any kind of a bigger marry occasion, but this intimate, random rite feels fairly appropriate for such a fun couple. At the very least, I hope they have meter for a kickass honeymoon before Joe gets busy with tour rehearsals. Wherever they run, I simply hope that Sophie doesn’t forget to post funny Instagram stories while they’re there. Her tales are mostly the only thing getting me through at this stage, so I need this. Sansa Stark might not be one of the G0T attributes with large-scale d* ck power, but Sophie obviously does.

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Sadly, this means that all three of the Jonas Brothers are officially off world markets, closing a significant( imaginary) chapter of my life that started when I was in middle school. Kevin, Joe, Nick, I’ll always love you guys. Well, Kevin not so much better, but it felt rude to leave him out. Now, if you want to bag a Jonas brother, your merely hope is 18-year-old Frankie, also known as the Bonus Jonas. Ew. Congrats to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, I feel like a proud parent.

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