This is so, so awful.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner should

The incident actually happened back on Wednesday, according to reports. It took place during the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where Waldo was being walked by a bird-dog hiker. Apparently, the dog was scared by a pedestrian at some item during the walk, stony-broke free of its leash, and ran into the street — where it was struck and killed by a vehicle. Joe and Sophie haven’t publicly provided comments on the information yet, but a rep for Joe reportedly called the incident a “freak accident.”

Apparently, this all came to dawn in the news simply after Joe and Sophie went to the police on Friday to file a report on the incident; it’s unclear at this quality what the report is about specific, and/ or what the police are investigating. In a distressing twisting, however, the couple apparently informed police that they retarded filing the report because they saw a therapist due to being” so torn up” over the accidents. Honestly, we can’t even imagine something like this, so it’s understandable that the pair is taking it so hard.

They first got Waldo back in April 2018 as a attendant hound for their first puppy, Porky . The dogs were born in the same litter, and lived one hell of a life together with Joe and Sophie right up until the untimely, cruel death here. Joe has since been realise step with Porky — he was discerned out on Thursday with the little pup — and both he and Sophie were recognise on Friday night at a music video shoot visibly psychological with Porky close by their side.( FYI, “youre seeing” those pics HERE .)

It’s awful to imagine something like this happening to such a beloved member of the family like a dog. We can’t even begin to think what Joe and Sophie have been going through. A puppy( any pet, certainly) is a member of the family, and to lose one like this … ugh. Our souls are truly broken for the newlyweds, Porky, and everyone else that was close to poor little Waldo.

R.I.P ., pup…

[ Image via Instagram ]

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