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When it comes to relationships, there is a tendency to immerse ourselves right off the at-bat when we get a significant other. We get into the honeymoon stage and they are all we can think about. We spend most of our free time with them, or invest that time finding ways to communicate with them as far as possible. It has become standards and norms for us to give our romantic relationships top priority over other ties-in in our lives- including our friendships.

And honestly, it’s a reproach .

Don’t get me wrong, I have been incredibly guilty of this. When I’ve registered a relationship, it’s like I’ve ceased totally off the radar for a little while. The girl’s nighttimes would come few and far between. Travelling out didn’t seem as much enjoyable as staying in with my boyfriend and spending time with him. Fortunately for me, I have had some incredible and understanding friends who didn’t take this vanishing act personally.

Yet if there is one thing that I have learned within the last few years of “peoples lives”, it’s this: Yes, the working day I will find my forever party. Yes, when I do find them, they will have a high priority in my life, possibly more so than others. Yet until I know for sure that I have found them, my friends will still have to be a major priority in my life-the same if not more than my relationship.

And that is perfectly okay.

Because more than once in “peoples lives”, I visualized I had encountered my forever in the arms of someone I enjoyed. More than once, I stood my friends to fall by the wayside to make as much area as possible for the person I adored and cherished with all my heart. Yet those loves didn’t last, and guess who was there to hold onto me when I had totally fallen apart? My best friend .

They “re the only one” who let me weep and expres and recite until I was able to function again. They were there on my awful periods as well as there to celebrate on my happier ones. My friends have come through for me time and time again, because that’s what best friends do. And in the same practice, they pushed me to get back out into the dating nature. They didn’t please allow me to make my past heartache retain me locked away and reluctant to set my nerve on the line again. And when I recruited a new relation, they have been the ones to applaud me on and convene the person in person and make sure he is someone who genuinely were concerned about me in the way that they do.

After watching how phenomenal and loving your best friend have been through all of these romantic ties-in in my life I realize now more than ever just how lucky I am to have them, and how invaluable they truly are to me.

So now, even though I’m currently in a relationship, my friends aren’t on the backburner. I still text my friends and “il do my best” at keeping them up to date on what’s going on in “peoples lives”. I still set aside time to seizure coffee or brunch with my girls and listen to their latest fibs. Even though my life has become a little different now that a relationship is in the desegregate, I am discovering to rearrange my time to still make sure your best friend are still by my side.

When it comes down to it, we don’t realize how luck we are to have best friends in our lives . We all are caught up in searching for love and happily ever after, that it can be so easy to forget how wonderful and precious my best friend truly are. I know that one day, I will find a person that I will want to invest the rest of my life with- and when I do, our friend will be by my area clapping me on and will be just as excited as I am. They know when the working day comes, then my affair will take a bigger part of my life, and they will understand. But for now, I’ll be spending these times not telling my friends slip out of my grasp when I so easily can still make time for them. I’m going to hold onto them for as long as I can and make vivid and prodigious remembrances that I won’t forget for years and years.

For now, my friends are still an important part of my life, and I refuse to let them be anything little.


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