For being one half of one of “the worlds largest” photographed and recognizable duos in the world, its impressive that Justin Theroux is such a chameleon.

Theres his avatar life, as he announces it. Its the one lived out on the tabloid extends, an experience we all shared while strolling down the convenience store teller aisles and soaking in the details of his wedding to Jennifer Aniston.( That honeymoon in Bora Bora, my gawd !)

But the alternate-reality macrocosm depicted in glossy sheets, the bipolar one that campaigns a fairy story as often as it does some sordid soap opera, rarely offers so much as a view of accuracy when it comes to the person in the photographs.

Sitting in the basement of The Smile restaurant in the East Village, Theroux is every bit as heart-stoppingly red-hot as “hes in” those sheets, sure. Garmented in a blessedly snug-fitting tee with his aviators dangling from his collar on his perfect chest and sporting a Pharrell-style ranger hat, the actor would seem like an L.A. asshat moronic if he wasnt so devastatingly handsome and much more sincere, earnest, and at ease than a person who has achievedand even been a bit abused bythe level of fame that his woo has attained him.

Were there to talk his riveting turn in The Leftovers , the spooky HBO drama that outlines the aftermath of a world-wide tribulation in which 2 percent of the worlds person mysteriously fades. Season 2 debuts Sunday night on HBO, and Theroux is excellent in it: raw, susceptible, masculine, complex. We excavate deep talking about his performance; its a visible respite from the incessant obsession over his personal life.

It was forestalling earlier on when we first got together because I didnt understand it, Theroux says, when I request hows he dealt with the tension between encountering his appearance on periodicals because of whos he dating, when the truth is hes routinely is an element of “the worlds largest” remarkable and employing Hollywood participates of the last 15 years.

He broke out with a supporting role in American Psycho before graduating on to the twisty Oscar-nominated drama Mulholland Drive . Memorable personas that followed in Six Feet Under , the John Adams miniseries, and Inland Empire mix to see his most recent reign over the comedy macrocosm, with scene-stealing work in Parks and Recreation , Your Highness , and Wanderlust , all the more surprising and impressiveespecially when one learns that he wrote the screenplays for Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2 as well.His work in The Leftovers is dark and intense; that it follows a string of humors demonstrates Therouxs ability to slip into an breathtaking compas of personas, even that of the Hollywood tabloid sovereign, although that are able to the one he least identifies with.


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