After they were spotted holding sides last year, Katie apparently thought it would be “the firstly of numerous public outings” — especially after that rumored 5-year rider with ex Tom Cruise was up!

But Jamie “still wanted to keep things secreted and status quo” between them. So she was forced to watch as her husband seemed to take his ex, child momma Kristin Grannis, out in public instead of her and Suri Cruise.

Not to mention the notorious partier apparently wasn’t willing to give up his clubbing lifestyle 😛 TAGEND

“It scratched Katie the wrong way. It was difficult for her not to feel jealous and worry about cheating, especially since Jamie’s a major flirt.”

Sadly, this was after they had reportedly expended some time planning an insinuate marriage and high-pitched toll honeymoon! Though that level of commitment may have been what ultimately broke them…

According to this source, Katie tried to talk Jamie into a no-cheating clause in their prenup 😛 TAGEND

“Jamie balked at the relevant recommendations of signing because he realized that being faithless is likely to be costly. Katie noticed a total lack of respect in Jamie’s behavior. She knew it wasn’t healthy for her or Suri, and she has to protect them both.”

That all rackets to us like a guy who wanted a secret sidepiece , not a wife.

Apparently that’s how Katie was forced to read the situation too — and plucked the trigger 😛 TAGEND

“[ There was] no drama , no screaming fits or anger — just sadness when Katie called up Jamie to tell him she couldn’t do this anymore. He discovered her out and said he was sorry.”

According to this source, the breakup was as quiet as the relationship and really happened a bit back.

In fact, the friend says Katie has already started to move on!

“Katie has gone on a few dates with an NYC lawyer, but is keeping his reputation under wraps for now. She wants to make sure that the next follower she produces into her and Suri’s lives will stick around for good.”

Sounds fair to us!

What do YOU think of Katie and Jamie’s so-secret-it-no-longer-exists love ??

[ Image via Dennis Van Tine/ Dave Starbuck/ Future Image // WENN .]


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